Eight Kinds of Love That Can’t Be Resulted Without Attachment

“Perseverance” is a good quality to listen to, but it actually means the same thing as admitting death. In the attitude of being extremely responsible to women, I will not pick up nice words. For the existence of the following eight kinds of emotions, you still do n’t have a stick.Rushing forward, no result is also a kind of result, and it is not the worst result. It is better than a fierce man sticking his head and breaking his blood.

  First, you care more about each other. You are in love, but you are not sure what the other party thinks; you think you are suitable, he seems to disagree; when he is away, you miss him, and he does not seem to be different when you are away. What does this mean?If people disagree, how can they walk together? “Sometimes one side loves the other side’s cutting-edge reality. If it is in a healthy relationship, there will be an alternating phenomenon. The two will take turns to pursue and be pursued.Always acting as a suitor. This kind of relationship is not perfect. For a long time, you suffer from thirst. You will feel controlled by the other party. You will feel angry, deceived and painful.

  Second, what you love is the potential of the other person. What you love is the potential of the other person, not what the other person really looks like. What you love is what the other person may look like in the future. Then he is not your partner or even the object of your transformation.

  Every time we do pre-marriage counseling, we will ask, if the other party will not change within 50 years, will you be satisfied? If you have been hoping to change the other party before you feel more satisfied, then it is not love, fill in alternately, use the happiness of both parties asMake a bet.

  When you associate with a person, you must love and respect each other’s true nature, not his future appearance. You can expect him to continue to grow, but you must be satisfied with his current appearance.

  Third, you want to help the other party. Do you often feel that the other party is poor? Do you think you have the responsibility to help the other party to cheer up? Are you afraid that if you leave the other party, he will not be able to take a blow. If so, you are probably a “salmon”.

  ”Salvation” will not find a suitable person, or a person whom he sympathizes with and can help.

Find someone who has been traumatized, vulnerable, dependent, unloved, and aggrieved. You are loved by pity. He pointed out that you are grateful. This feeling is like a rescue task, not a healthy, balanced one.

  The key to keep in mind here is “respect”. The person you love must be someone you can respect. You must be proud of the other person. Your partner does not want your rescue, and even wants you to really understand him.

  Fourth, regard each other as the object of worship. Young female stars fall in love with directors, college students fall in love with professors, secretaries fall in love with bosses, and fall in love with objects they admire.equality.

  Both men and women must be treated equally. I don’t mean a part, otherwise the attitude should not overly worship each other.

People who fall in love with the person they admire often have low self-confidence and feel bad about themselves.

  Fifth, you are only attracted by the other person ‘s appearance. Everyone will be like this, right? If you find yourself deeply attracted by the other person ‘s traits, ask yourself, if the other person does n’t have those big blue eyes, magnetic sounds .,If the other party is not a model and won’t play basketball . Will I be with him (her)? Men’s appearance is the first strength.

  Sixth, the opportunity to get along shortly night and night You share the work with the other party, often have to work overtime together, so you feel in love with the other party .

When you go on vacation for three weeks and meet a man who is also on vacation, you feel like falling in love .

A short day and night together means that it is not a routine to get together under special circumstances. This feeling cannot last, because a short day and night together cannot make you fully understand each other’s personality.

  Seven, I chose this object for rebellion. Parents always point out to you. Find a rich object. Every boyfriend is poor. Everyone has been strict with you since childhood. Every girlfriend is very casual.My father has been killing his ears since childhood. Passing incense is the most important thing. It ‘s because your girlfriend is either unable or unwilling to give birth . If you replace the subject and always make your parents angry, it is likely that you just want to be rebellious. You feel certainTo prove what comes back, when you can’t control your choice, you don’t really love each other, this relationship is doomed to no effect.

  Eight, the other party is not free. I leave this to the end because it is not a relationship at all.

The first reason to choose a life partner is because the other person is “free”.

“Freedom” means people who can associate with you freely, without marriage, without engagement, without a fixed partner, without going to bed with others, single, and only with you.

  If the man you love promises to break up with another woman earlier or he says he doesn’t love that woman, he loves you; or if his original object accepts your existence, they don’t plan to break up, but he wantsI’ve been with you for a while; or he just broke up, but he might break the mirror . These are not free.

  Don’t associate with married or targeted people, no matter what the excuse, the result is the same, you are destined to be heartbroken.

Don’t forget, you just accepted the leftover from another person.

  The choice is yours, the responsibility lies with you, you have to choose the right person.

If you have a contact, and you are one of the eight relationships above, go to counseling, don’t waste time, and there are better targets waiting for you.