Small movements turn fitness into passive

Some people call the current fitness era the passive fitness era. Swing machines, treadmills, mountain climbing machines . even if you do n’t want to move, these machines will also be aimed at you. The previous swing machine that was “dispelled” by many media isThe typical representative of passive fitness, it is called “want to lose weight and sweat, you do not need to move” concept, was once sought after by “too busy”, “too lazy to move” people, and finally found that this is not a weight loss alternativedisease.

  In fact, if you want to exercise everywhere, you can benefit from a small movement and turn passive into active.

For example, a rope can be exercised at any time. Smoking affects the lungs with fractures. Rope skipping is simple and easy, which can enhance cardiopulmonary function and coordination.

10 each time?
20 minutes, everything after work and dinner.

  Even if you get out of bed lazily, there are still ways to do sit-ups in bed, which can improve posture, prevent back pain, and prevent abdominal sagging.

The action is very simple, the person lies on the back, bends his knees, the big and small legs are about 60 degrees, arms folded across the chest; lift the upper body until the shoulders completely leave the bed;May be slow.

15 times as a group, do 3 each time?
It is advisable to have 4 groups, and rest between groups for about 1 minute.

It is better to take a dynamic break at rest to reduce muscle soreness.

  For those who travel by car and sit in the office, lunge squatting can increase the strength of thigh and hip muscles, improve the balance of the body and the stability of the trunk.

Keep your body upright with your feet apart and the width of your hips. Take a step forward (the calf of the front leg should be perpendicular to the ground). Adjust the stride appropriately to maintain balance and stability.

At the beginning, it can be held by a chair or a chair. After the stability and balance of the body has improved, the legs can alternately move forward, “walking” from the living room to the other side, usually in groups of 20 times.

If you are too lazy to learn these, you can do push-ups.

  No longer good, every time you get off work, you can walk for half an hour, why do you have to squeeze the bus?

For car owners, when you are not busy, you can leave your car at home and walk to work. Not only can you save money, but you can also contribute to the Blue Sky Plan.