Eight Kinds of Love That Can’t Be Resulted Without Attachment

Eight Kinds of Love That Can’t Be Resulted Without Attachment

“Perseverance” is a good quality to listen to, but it actually means the same thing as admitting death. In the attitude of being extremely responsible to women, I will not pick up nice words. For the existence of the following eight kinds of emotions, you still do n’t have a stick.Rushing forward, no result is also a kind of result, and it is not the worst result. It is better than a fierce man sticking his head and breaking his blood.

  First, you care more about each other. You are in love, but you are not sure what the other party thinks; you think you are suitable, he seems to disagree; when he is away, you miss him, and he does not seem to be different when you are away. What does this mean?If people disagree, how can they walk together? “Sometimes one side loves the other side’s cutting-edge reality. If it is in a healthy relationship, there will be an alternating phenomenon. The two will take turns to pursue and be pursued.Always acting as a suitor. This kind of relationship is not perfect. For a long time, you suffer from thirst. You will feel controlled by the other party. You will feel angry, deceived and painful.

  Second, what you love is the potential of the other person. What you love is the potential of the other person, not what the other person really looks like. What you love is what the other person may look like in the future. Then he is not your partner or even the object of your transformation.

  Every time we do pre-marriage counseling, we will ask, if the other party will not change within 50 years, will you be satisfied? If you have been hoping to change the other party before you feel more satisfied, then it is not love, fill in alternately, use the happiness of both parties asMake a bet.

  When you associate with a person, you must love and respect each other’s true nature, not his future appearance. You can expect him to continue to grow, but you must be satisfied with his current appearance.

  Third, you want to help the other party. Do you often feel that the other party is poor? Do you think you have the responsibility to help the other party to cheer up? Are you afraid that if you leave the other party, he will not be able to take a blow. If so, you are probably a “salmon”.

  ”Salvation” will not find a suitable person, or a person whom he sympathizes with and can help.

Find someone who has been traumatized, vulnerable, dependent, unloved, and aggrieved. You are loved by pity. He pointed out that you are grateful. This feeling is like a rescue task, not a healthy, balanced one.

  The key to keep in mind here is “respect”. The person you love must be someone you can respect. You must be proud of the other person. Your partner does not want your rescue, and even wants you to really understand him.

  Fourth, regard each other as the object of worship. Young female stars fall in love with directors, college students fall in love with professors, secretaries fall in love with bosses, and fall in love with objects they admire.equality.

  Both men and women must be treated equally. I don’t mean a part, otherwise the attitude should not overly worship each other.

People who fall in love with the person they admire often have low self-confidence and feel bad about themselves.

  Fifth, you are only attracted by the other person ‘s appearance. Everyone will be like this, right? If you find yourself deeply attracted by the other person ‘s traits, ask yourself, if the other person does n’t have those big blue eyes, magnetic sounds .,If the other party is not a model and won’t play basketball . Will I be with him (her)? Men’s appearance is the first strength.

  Sixth, the opportunity to get along shortly night and night You share the work with the other party, often have to work overtime together, so you feel in love with the other party .

When you go on vacation for three weeks and meet a man who is also on vacation, you feel like falling in love .

A short day and night together means that it is not a routine to get together under special circumstances. This feeling cannot last, because a short day and night together cannot make you fully understand each other’s personality.

  Seven, I chose this object for rebellion. Parents always point out to you. Find a rich object. Every boyfriend is poor. Everyone has been strict with you since childhood. Every girlfriend is very casual.My father has been killing his ears since childhood. Passing incense is the most important thing. It ‘s because your girlfriend is either unable or unwilling to give birth . If you replace the subject and always make your parents angry, it is likely that you just want to be rebellious. You feel certainTo prove what comes back, when you can’t control your choice, you don’t really love each other, this relationship is doomed to no effect.

  Eight, the other party is not free. I leave this to the end because it is not a relationship at all.

The first reason to choose a life partner is because the other person is “free”.

“Freedom” means people who can associate with you freely, without marriage, without engagement, without a fixed partner, without going to bed with others, single, and only with you.

  If the man you love promises to break up with another woman earlier or he says he doesn’t love that woman, he loves you; or if his original object accepts your existence, they don’t plan to break up, but he wantsI’ve been with you for a while; or he just broke up, but he might break the mirror . These are not free.

  Don’t associate with married or targeted people, no matter what the excuse, the result is the same, you are destined to be heartbroken.

Don’t forget, you just accepted the leftover from another person.

  The choice is yours, the responsibility lies with you, you have to choose the right person.

If you have a contact, and you are one of the eight relationships above, go to counseling, don’t waste time, and there are better targets waiting for you.

In the spring, accidentally caught and bitten by an animal, the wound must be treated immediately

In the spring, accidentally caught and bitten by an animal, the wound must be treated immediately

Everything recovers in spring, all kinds of infectious diseases occur frequently, and animal injury incidents occur from time to time.

According to the disease monitoring data of the Changsha Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is reported that since the first 3 months of this year, more than 1,000 people have been admitted to the Changsha Animal Bite Clinic every month.

Hurting animals turned into dogs, followed by cats and mice.

Experts remind citizens: As the temperature gradually rises, citizens are relatively thinly dressed, and the probability of animal injuries is increasing. Citizens must pay attention to prevention.

Once bitten by an animal, treat the wound promptly and correctly, and go to the animal bite clinic for further treatment.

  Rabies can be prevented from being caught by animals and cannot be cured. The most serious consequence of bite is infection with rabies virus. Once rabies occurs, the mortality rate can reach 100%.

Extremely, more than 10 patients die from rabies every year in Changsha.

  ”Most wounded animals are domestic pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, etc.), and most of these domestic pets have not bred a veterinary rabies vaccine.

Zhang Xixing, deputy director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Changsha City, pointed out that each family must raise dogs according to law and civilized dogs in accordance with the “Changsha City Dog Breeding Management Regulations” issued by the Changsha Municipal Government.Group dormitories, etc.) Breed large dogs, fierce dogs, and veterinary rabies vaccines for pet dogs.

  Zhang Xixing reminded that families with pregnant women and young children are advised not to raise pets, and at the same time warn children not to tease and provoke dogs, cats, hamsters and other small animals.

If you find mad dogs, suspicious mad dogs and stray dogs, you must immediately report to the public security department, and arrest or adopt them.

Military rabies diagnosis and treatment, researchers, vaccine producers, and laboratory workers; pet owners, animal managers, travellers, and veterinarians are key populations at risk for rabies virus infection. Humans should be vaccinated against rabies vaccine for prevention.

  If the animal is scratched and bitten, it is necessary to treat the wound immediately. Once the animal is scratched and bitten, immediately wash the wound with clean water or soapy water, and immediately go to the nearest medical institution to further treat the wound and vaccinate.

Studies have shown that irrigating a wound immediately after an injury is much less likely than infection without rinsing.

Zhang Xixing said that the correct treatment method is to immediately wash thoroughly and alternately with 20% soap water (or other weak alkaline cleaners) and a certain pressure of flowing water, and rinse all bites and scratches for at least 15 minutes (deeperWhen rinsing the wound, increase the water pressure), then wash the wound with normal saline (can also be replaced with purified water), and use sterile gauze or a clean towel to absorb the residual fluid from the wound to avoid leaving soapy water ordetergent.

If possible, the wound can be rubbed with 2% -3% iodine (iodine) or 75% alcohol.

Immediately afterwards, the animal’s bite clinic at a distance was further treated under the guidance of a physician, and the rabies vaccine for humans was implanted. Pregnant women must also be vaccinated after being bitten by animals.

  The sooner the rabies vaccine is given after an injury, the better. The vaccination after an injury is in principle the sooner the better.

At present, a new transplantation procedure has been replaced for rabies vaccine, that is, a four-dose injection procedure, and the traditional five-dose transplantation procedure is more alternative.

That is, the bite was injected with two doses of rabies vaccine on day 0 (the day of injection), and one dose on each of 7 days and 21 days.

  Zhang Xixing also reminded that from the time of implantation of the first dose of rabies vaccine, it is best to incorporate the vaccine from the same manufacturer and the same batch to avoid affecting the evaluation of the effect after transplantation.

If the injury is serious or bitten by a suspected crazy animal, the wound should be infused with anti-rabies serum or immunoglobulin for rabies patients.

  A netizen asks: Those who have been vaccinated against rabies vaccine are caught and bitten. Do they need to be vaccinated again?

  Zhang Xixing, deputy director of the Changsha Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Generally, the antibody level in the body can be maintained for at least one year after being infected with rabies vaccine.

The recommendations for general vaccination of general patients who have been vaccinated against rabies are as follows: if the bite occurred during the immunization, the replacement will continue to be completed in accordance with the step-by-step procedure without increasing the dose; the patient will be arrested again within six months after the entire immunizationPeople who have been bitten do not need to be vaccinated again. Those who have been bitten again within six months to one year after the full immunization should be vaccinated with one dose each on 0 and 3 days.
Those who were scratched and bitten again within 3 years should be vaccinated with one dose each on 0, 3, and 7 days, and those who were scratched and bitten more than 3 years should be given the entire course of vaccination.

More than 60% of men are under psychological stress

More than 60% of men are under psychological stress

A psychological survey of 300 adult males recently conducted by the Tianjin Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Center showed that more than 60% of males, especially middle-aged males, have psychological problems.

Experts believe that society, work units and families must care about and take care of male physical and mental health.

At the same time, men should treat their psychological problems correctly, pay attention to strengthening protection, and avoid turning small problems into big problems.

  Relevant psychologists believe that the public’s expectations for men are too high. Parents want their sons, their wives want their husbands, and their children want their fathers. Jackie Chan gradually accelerates the pace of life and is full of competitive work pressures, which has become the bane of urban male mental illness.

Traditional wisdom holds that men can only be recognized if they succeed in their careers.

If they do not work well, or if there are temporary setbacks, they will be particularly stressed.

  In addition, in the accepted standards, men are strong and should bear everything, and the result will inevitably affect their physical health.

After some men have psychological stress, they often use some unhealthy ways to relieve their distress, such as smoking, drinking, driving fast, playing video games crazy, etc. As a result, the stress has not been relieved, but it has affected physical health.

  According to psychologists, men’s psychological stress is mainly manifested as follows: one is the fear of losing physical health; the second is that many men are afraid of problems in their careers and work; the third is the need for men to decline their physical strength and weaken their sexual abilityStronger than women; Fourth, many men often worry about being abandoned.

  Therefore, it is important to give men sustainable psychological “nutrition”.

Psychologist Yuan Xin told reporters that the most important spiritual “nutrient” is love first; second is venting and channeling; third is strong beliefs and ideals; fourth is tolerance.

16 strokes to lose weight yoga all-round thin


16 strokes to lose weight yoga all-round thin

16 strokes weight loss yoga all-round enjoy the first type of action points: legs flexed and stretched straight, sideways, the left foot into the right foot under the thigh; the right foot straight back and then raise the calf, the toes straight,Supported by the right hand; the left hand and the right hand are interlocked, stretched upwards, pay attention to the abdomen, keep the hips straight.

Change the blacks to do the same exercise.

Main exercise parts: waist, thigh, shoulder Note: Stretch your feet as much as possible, hands can support the feet, and the brakes can better complete the movement.

The second type of action points: the body stands straight, bends the knee, and makes an arch bridge backward; the hands are slightly wider than the shoulders, the arms are straight; lift the left leg and stretch upwards.

Change the blacks to do the same exercise.

Main exercise parts: waist, abdomen, thigh, calf, shoulder Note: This action is more difficult, beginner MM can slowly come first, remember to keep a uniform breath when doing the action, do not hold your breath, do not force.

The third type of action points: based on the dog step, realign the foot to the right, the body forward, support the upper body with the hand; pay attention to the elbow trying to become 90 degrees, slowly move the body center of gravity; slowly liftKeep your feet straight and keep your hips straight.

Change the blacks to do the same exercise.

Main exercise parts: arm, thigh, calf, waist and abdomen Note: This action is more difficult, beginners can take it slowly to prevent sprains.

The fourth type of action points: the following dog-style into the inverted exercise, inhale, feet up to the wall by hand, the legs are bent forward and backward.

Main slimming parts: arm, waist, thighs Note: beginners can practice against the wall first, pay attention to the arm to straighten, remember to keep a uniform breath when doing the action, do not close the air.

The fifth type of action points: natural height, the body turns to the right, slowly raises the left foot, the right hand grasps the right instep, the center of gravity moves to the left foot, the upper body leans slightly to the right front, and the right hand straightens to the right front.

Change the blacks to do the same exercise.

Mainly annihilating a few parts: waist, abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks. Sixth action points: natural posture, hold the knee, move the center of gravity to the left foot; right hand to support the right foot, help lift the right foot, pay attention to keep the legs straightDo not bend your knees, the right leg should be as close to the body as possible; the left hand should stretch to the upper left.

Change the side to do the same exercise.

Mainly eliminate the fecal parts: waist, abdomen, thigh, seventh type of action points: sit flat, support the body with both hands backwards, the back is straight, the eyes look forward; keep your feet straight, slowly open up to nearly 180 degrees;Make sure the front of the thigh is close to the ground, the heel is forward, the point and the tip of the toe point upwards; place your hand on the thigh and move the center of gravity slightly forward.

Main cockroaches: thighs, calves, eighth type of action points: prone, two hands and ten fingers intersect, placed under the chin, the back of the foot is attached to the ground;Raise your feet and lift your body off the ground. Only the toes and heads fall on the ground; keep straight and the body forms an inverted arch; exhale, slowly stretch your hands backwards and put your hands together.

Main exercise parts: shoulder, arm, thigh, calf, waist and abdomen ninth action points: based on the dagger type, the center of the body is slightly forward, hands support the ground, elbows at 90 degrees; right knee, rightThe foot can be inserted by the force of the arm to keep the feet evenly applied. Pay attention to the toes straight and change the side to do the same exercise.

Main exercise parts: thigh, calf, buttocks, waist and tenth action points: King Kong sits, hands folded into the chest; the body slowly leans back until the head touches the ground, pay attention to keep breathing smooth.

Main exercise parts: waist, abdomen, buttocks The eleventh type of action points: knees close together, standing, hands open, shoulder width, support the body, do a slow breath; inhale, shoulder high, elbowBend, the nose exhales, let the chest stick to the ground, put your hands on both sides, and lift your toes.

Main exercise parts: Toe, waist and abdomen, calf Twelfth type of action points: low lunge, right foot calf close to the ground; chest expansion, the body slowly reclines, hands naturally hang down with the body parts.

Change the side to do the same exercise.
Main exercise parts: Correction, waist, thighs Thirteen-style action points: sit on the ground, straight forward, bend the legs, close the heels to the feet; grasp the foot, lift the legs; slowly stretch the legsStraight, the foot tries to stretch upwards, and the center of gravity sits on the chest to keep the body balanced.

Main exercise parts: thigh, calf, buttocks, arms, fourteenth type of action points: sit flat, hands support the body backwards, waist back straight, eyes look forward; feet keep straight, slowly open to the left and right close to 180 degreesMake sure the thighs and buttocks are close to the ground, the toes are up, and the center of gravity is slightly moved forward; the body slowly bends to the right foot, and both hands catch the right toes and stretch the body.

Change the side to do the same yoga practice.

Main exercise parts: thigh, calf, waist, arm, shoulder, back. The fifteenth type of action points: easy to sit, the body tilts to the left, support the body with the left hand, and stretch the right hand to the top of the head.

Change the side to do the same exercise.
Main exercise parts: waist, shoulders, arms, sixteenth type of action points: lie flat, take a deep breath; feet slowly tilt up to the head, let the toes touch the ground, hands hold forward; bend the knees, make the limbs closeFront; hands flat and straight.

Main exercise areas: waist, buttocks.

Eat meat, pay attention to the five safety habits


Eat meat, pay attention to the five safety habits

Do not consume barbecued meat products outside.

The main grilled foods such as grilled beef kebabs, grilled fish and grilled chicken wings, because the meat burns directly at high temperatures, the decomposed micro-drops on the charcoal, and then combined with the meat protein, resulting in “benzopyrene” strong carcinogenicThe substance harms the health of the consumer.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍔ㄦ涓撳鎸囧嚭锛屼汉浠秷璐瑰姩鐗╀骇鍝佺殑瀹夊叏鍙栧喅浜庝袱鏂归潰鍥犵礌锛氫竴涓槸鍔ㄧ墿浜у搧鏈韩鏄惁鏈夐棶棰橈紝鍙︿竴涓槸娑堣垂鑰呮槸鍚﹀吇鎴愬畨鍏ㄦ秷璐圭殑濂戒範鎯€侲xperts remind consumers that while the relevant law enforcement agencies strictly control the market to stop the inferior quality, the disease animal products flow into the market, consumers should mainly develop safe eating habits from five aspects.

銆€銆€First, try to choose fresh meat to eat.

In proportion to the processed meats such as ham, canned food, etc., it is necessary to eat more fresh meat, especially the preferred cooling meat, followed by hot and frozen meat.

In combination with these fresh meat grades, complex phosphates, preservatives, colorants, starches and other additives in meat products such as ham, canned and other meats will cause more or less harm to the health of consumers.

銆€銆€Second, raw meat should be preserved at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius and wrapped in plastic wrap.

If the purchase amount is stretched, it needs to be placed for a long time, preferably frozen storage to ensure the sanitary quality of the meat.

Once the meat and meat products are found to have a taste deterioration, they should be disposed of immediately.

銆€銆€Third, when cooking, the chopping board used by the operator, the knives, etc. must be cleaned, and the meat should be cooked and cooked separately to avoid cross-contamination.

The internal organs such as heart, liver and kidney are the parts that are easy to occur in livestock. They must be cooked and cooked before they can be eaten.

銆€銆€Fourth, do not buy cooked meat, hot pot, or consumer meat substitutes in small stalls that do not have health and quarantine inspection certificates and health certificates for practitioners.

銆€銆€Fifth, don’t consume barbecued meat products outside.

The main grilled foods such as grilled beef kebabs, grilled fish and grilled chicken wings, because the meat burns directly at high temperatures, the decomposed micro-drops on the charcoal, and then combined with the meat protein, resulting in “benzopyrene” strong carcinogenicThe substance harms the health of the consumer.

There are several forms of female orgasm –


Are there several forms of female orgasm?

Sexual orgasm is simple and complicated.

For example, are there several forms of female orgasm?

Do those people have multiple orgasms?

There is currently no consensus.

The experience of women’s orgasm is even more varied and has a wide range of names.

We still start with the type of female orgasm.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鐩墠杈冧负涓€鑷寸殑鐪嬫硶鏄皢濂虫€ф€ч珮娼垎涓轰笁绫伙紝鍗抽槾钂傚瀷鎬ч珮娼紝闃撮亾鍨嬫€ч珮娼拰闃磋拏闃撮亾娣峰悎鍨嬫€ч珮娼€俆he clitoris orgasm can be achieved simply by masturbation, and the clitoris can be directly or indirectly stimulated during sexual intercourse.

Vaginal orgasm mainly involves the insertion and twitching of the penis into the vagina, causing an orgasm that is irritating to certain sensitive parts of the vagina and the uterus. The mixed orgasm has both forms of climax.

Rather than obviously which one is the main one.

Vaginal orgasm is also called complete orgasm. It is similar to male orgasm. After sexual orgasm, there is fatigue and satisfaction. It seems that no further sexual behavior is needed. The curve of orgasm seems to be steep and steep.And the orgasm-like orgasm feels more intense, short-lived, irritating, orgasm changes like a tidal wave, a wave of waves, and a mixed orgasm is somewhere in between.

銆€銆€When a woman reaches orgasm, on the basis of a significant increase in the breast and a blush, the muscles are involuntarily twitched, including a gap of about 0 times in the vagina.

8 seconds of contraction.

The anal sphincter also contracts at the same time, sometimes with physiological changes such as increased breathing, elevated blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and sweating.

Some people can have a contraction fracture of the vocal cord muscles, which is similar to the sound of sputum, commonly known as the bed.

銆€銆€The psychological manifestation of female orgasm is that the inner experience or feeling is different, and the differences between them are prolonged.

Most women think that the orgasm formed by the vagina is not too serious, and there is a local warmth and pressure.

銆€銆€A woman wrote in the description of orgasm: I can get two forms of orgasm, clitoris orgasm (in masturbation and oral sex), during the process of experiencing this orgasm, I feel that the sex organs are warm, there areFeeling, my muscles became tight and tight, and then a wonderful heat flow from my soles to my head, and then my clitoris also had a sense of explosion.

I will feel fascinated for half an hour or more after the climax.

That feeling is very strong.

I feel the instigation and tremors in the depths, my hands and thighs will become a little numb after the orgasm.