Check your stomach health regularly

Check your stomach health regularly

Now that people’s lives are getting better and better, but their stomach health is very poor, and often they do n’t know about their stomach disease, so we need to start caring about our stomach health early and check it regularly, leading to early treatment of illness.Will get more results with less effort.

  The World Health Organization lists Helicobacter pylori infection as an important cause of biological carcinogenesis.

The annual adult H. pylori infection rate is as high as 40% -80%.

The simple method to check for Helicobacter pylori infection is the breath test method, which can be confirmed by blowing a breath, and the accuracy rate can reach more than 90%. At present, many large and medium-sized hospitals across the country have many such inspection equipment.

People with symptoms of stomach discomfort should take the initiative to check. Positive patients can take medicine for treatment. The eradication rate can reach 80% -90% in one week, which has a very important effect on preventing gastric cancer.

  Gastroscopy can understand the health status of the stomach in more detail and provide a reliable basis for doctors to diagnose and treat diseases.

Currently in Japan, over 30 years old, with a family history of digestive tract cancers, people who have had stomach problems need to have a gastroscopy every year to kill early detection of gastric cancer.

Of course, gastroscopy is painful, mainly due to nauseous reflexes when the gastroscope passes through the pharynx and bloating due to gas injection.

But at present, many large hospitals have developed painless gastroscopy.

This is a method of sober sedation before the gastroscopy. The doctor puts the examinee intravenously infused with certain drugs and puts them to sleep, and the “dream” time is over.

In addition, in recent years, blood pepsinogen I / II, fecal occult blood, and other methods have helped early detection of gastric cancer.

Small movements turn fitness into passive

Small movements turn fitness into passive

Some people call the current fitness era the passive fitness era. Swing machines, treadmills, mountain climbing machines . even if you do n’t want to move, these machines will also be aimed at you. The previous swing machine that was “dispelled” by many media isThe typical representative of passive fitness, it is called “want to lose weight and sweat, you do not need to move” concept, was once sought after by “too busy”, “too lazy to move” people, and finally found that this is not a weight loss alternativedisease.

  In fact, if you want to exercise everywhere, you can benefit from a small movement and turn passive into active.

For example, a rope can be exercised at any time. Smoking affects the lungs with fractures. Rope skipping is simple and easy, which can enhance cardiopulmonary function and coordination.

10 each time?
20 minutes, everything after work and dinner.

  Even if you get out of bed lazily, there are still ways to do sit-ups in bed, which can improve posture, prevent back pain, and prevent abdominal sagging.

The action is very simple, the person lies on the back, bends his knees, the big and small legs are about 60 degrees, arms folded across the chest; lift the upper body until the shoulders completely leave the bed;May be slow.

15 times as a group, do 3 each time?
It is advisable to have 4 groups, and rest between groups for about 1 minute.

It is better to take a dynamic break at rest to reduce muscle soreness.

  For those who travel by car and sit in the office, lunge squatting can increase the strength of thigh and hip muscles, improve the balance of the body and the stability of the trunk.

Keep your body upright with your feet apart and the width of your hips. Take a step forward (the calf of the front leg should be perpendicular to the ground). Adjust the stride appropriately to maintain balance and stability.

At the beginning, it can be held by a chair or a chair. After the stability and balance of the body has improved, the legs can alternately move forward, “walking” from the living room to the other side, usually in groups of 20 times.

If you are too lazy to learn these, you can do push-ups.

  No longer good, every time you get off work, you can walk for half an hour, why do you have to squeeze the bus?

For car owners, when you are not busy, you can leave your car at home and walk to work. Not only can you save money, but you can also contribute to the Blue Sky Plan.

No treatment for neonatal galactorrhea

No treatment for neonatal galactorrhea

Neonatal galactorrhea scares father and mother and goes to the hospital for treatment. Experts say that neonatal galactorrhea is a physiological phenomenon, which translates into an increase in the age of the baby’s month and will gradually disappear without treatment.

  The newborn’s stomach is level, the stomach capacity is small, and the muscles and nerves are immature. Therefore, if the newborn is over fed, crying for too long, sucking too much air through the nipple or fingers, or even after feedingBreathing occurs when the inhaled air is exhausted.

  Neonatal galactorrhea is a physiological phenomenon that will gradually disappear with the increase of the baby’s age, and no treatment is needed.

However, neonatal galactorrhea can still be prevented preventively through the efforts of parents.

  First of all, you can change the diaper before feeding your baby, so as not to cause breast overflow due to turning the baby’s position after feeding, hold the baby upright after feeding, pat it forward with a hollow palm, wait for the baby to snooze, then lower it gently, As little as possible to flip its position within half an hour.

These can significantly reduce your baby’s gallbladder.

  Many parents are confused about vomiting and breast milk.

The two are completely different, the former is a pathological state.

Babies often have symptoms such as discomfort, restlessness before vomiting, painful expression during vomiting, excessive vomiting, and even bile, which is jet-like.

  There are many causes of vomiting. Common amniotic fluid intake, congenital gastrointestinal malformations, etc., need to go to the hospital in time.

  Neonatal galactorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon. Parents should not worry too much. It will gradually disappear as the baby ages, and no treatment is needed.

However, neonatal galactorrhea can still be prevented preventively through the efforts of parents.

Bid farewell to beer belly slimming standard plan

Bid farewell to beer belly slimming standard plan

Human aging is sustainable, can it just be allowed to develop in this way?


In fact, as long as you continue to exercise from now on, you can maintain youthful vitality.

Therefore, experts have designed a set of exercise programs for male friends of all ages to enhance physical strength, enhance lung function and maintain limbs, and everyone can exercise according to this program.

  Fitness plan: First, what to do after the age of 40 is in proportion to the age of 20, the muscle exerciseability of people over the age of 40 has decreased by 25%, physical strength has gradually decreased, muscles have been atrophied year by year, and the body has started to gain weight.

Fat gain is related to the decrease in muscle volume. Fewer muscles consume less in adults, and the amount of food is not less than when young, so the stomach begins to appear.

Therefore, people over 40 years of age should choose sports to help maintain a good body shape and prevent common senile diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Exercises are performed twice every Monday and Friday, and include: 25-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, moderate intensity, such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.

For people over 50 years old, the pulse does not exceed 130-140 times per minute.

10-15 minutes of equipment exercise, the weight of the equipment is lighter than the age of 30, too much weight will damage health, but the number does not hinder more.

  Second, around 20 years of age, sports medicine refers to this age group as the “record-breaking age group.”

This level of body function is in its heyday, and all aspects of heart rhythm, vital capacity, bone sensitivity, stability and elasticity have reached the optimal point.

From the perspective of sports medicine, insufficient exercise during this period is more harmful to the body than higher exercise.

People of this age can do any kind of exercise.

  This “normal strength” achieved through muscle strengthening exercises will not disappear after the exercise is terminated.

  The endurance of the heart can increase blood transfusion.

In short, 20-year-olds can “reserve” resources for future physical health.

At this level, you must pay attention to exercise to maintain weight, otherwise it will be very difficult to lose weight after 30 years old.

Don’t think that morning exercise is as simple as getting up in the morning.

In fact, the morning exercise has a lot of attention.

  Third, the physical function of people in this age group around 30 years of age has exceeded its peak.

At this time, such as physical exercise, the oxygen uptake, which is very important for endurance, will gradually decrease.

But don’t be afraid, because you are still young.

At this time, the joints of the body often make some sounds, which is a precursor to joint disease.

In order to maintain the high flexibility of the joints, it should be done in more steps.

Also pay attention to the exercise of the cardiovascular system.

What beauty and beauty in the summer?


What beauty and beauty in the summer?

In the past few days, there have always been beautiful women asking, what fruit can be eaten in the summer to be able to solve the constipation.

In fact, to solve the long-term constipation problem requires a lot of cooperation, today I will briefly talk about the use of fruit to solve the problem of constipation.

銆€銆€Beauty and beauty need to be adjusted. Although constipation is not a serious illness, its harm cannot be ignored.

First of all, female constipation affects beauty.

Constipation will increase the body’s toxins, leading to metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders and trace elements imbalance, resulting in skin pigmentation, ulceration itching, dull complexion, dry hair, and chloasma, acne and hemorrhoids sores.

銆€銆€1, banana banana 500 grams, one meal before meals, 1-2 times a day, and even served for several days.

Indications of the secret.

銆€銆€2, citrus citrus is rich in cellulose and a variety of nutrients, can promote serum peristalsis and digestion, but also reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure.

Moderate consumption has a certain effect.

銆€銆€3, pear pear has a laxative, diuretic antihypertensive effect.

It can be eaten in moderation to prevent constipation.

More suitable for people with high blood pressure constipation.

銆€銆€4, pomelo pod can not only laxative, but also lower blood fat, lower blood pressure.

Moderate consumption, have a laxative effect.

銆€銆€5, strawberry strawberry is rich in vitamins, and contains pectin, can moisten dry, regulate metabolism, reduce blood fat, prevent constipation.

銆€銆€6, fresh mulberry fresh mulberry 1000 grams, fresh honey 300 grams, first mulberry simmered 2 times, take decoction 1000 ml, simmer concentrated, to a thick degree, add honey, then boil a boiling cease, cool can be loadedbottle.

20 ml per serving, warm water, 2-3 times a day.

Indications of constipation caused by blood.

Old and infirm, the effect is better.

銆€銆€7, other peaches, bayberry, jujube, watermelon, apricot and other multi-vitamins, and rich in a large amount of cellulose, has the effect of supplementing constipation.

Acting husband wants to increasing fat

Acting husband wants to “increasing fat”

Everyone must be surprised: I only heard that the fat-reducing people are mostly in this year. I have not heard that I still want to increase my fatness.
This also makes the fat people angry: Hey, standing and talking does not hurt!
Say that the wind is cool, not afraid of stuffing!
Increase fat?
Nothing to find someone happy?
銆€銆€Tell everyone that this is really true.
銆€銆€Husband, this person is not enough.
70 meters, but the “slim body, face thin and thin”, the front chest attached to the waist, ribs are countless.
He has a waist circumference of 21 inches, a weight of 47 kilograms in summer and a weight of 49 kilograms in winter (plus clothes).
When I have been a sergeant for 4 years, it looks like a college student. Putting him in a high school student pile, no one will say it.
I want my wife to be born in the same year as him. He looks pretty good. He doesn’t even look old (at least not more than the actual age). He can walk with him, or he looks like he is three or two years old. He is always there.There is a look of “a flower” in front of the mirror, which makes people feel very annoyed!
Poor I haven’t dared to take my husband’s arm together for a long time.
I am afraid that people will ask me, “How old are you than him?”
“After that, I am afraid that his classmates and friends said that I am abusing him. The name of “tracheitis” will not make me feel better with him.
銆€銆€Things often don’t matter, “showing young” is something that everyone wants, but it brings unprecedented trouble to her husband.
銆€銆€He graduated from the college, master’s degree, intermediate title.
Good health, warm and generous, knowing the book, and having a strong sense of responsibility; at home, it is a filial son, a wife, a child, a child; a good learning in the unit, a quick thinking, professional proficiency, a good helper for the first time, a complete helper.Mature, knowledgeable and talented.
銆€銆€Every time I encounter a good thing in the unit, I will never be able to take him. It is a step above the first come, either a manager or a deputy. He is still a “headless”.
At the beginning, he thought that this was nothing more than the word “relationship” and his own “shovel to shoot horses”.
Later, I learned from a well-respected dear (and of course the leadership) that there is another hidden obstacle in addition to the above obstacles.
When the leadership of the leadership meeting to discuss the promotion and salary increase, there were also two or three leaders who were able to raise their opinions and suggestions for the promotion of their husbands. They were “killed and killed” by the boss: “Xiao Zhang.It’s too young, it’s not like the body, let’s talk about it later!
“Get it, young, okay, thin, it’s not good here!”
銆€銆€Therefore, the husband proposed the idea of “increasing fat.”
Fat, the feeling of giving people is naturally healthy; fat, it seems older, mature, when the manager also has a head.
銆€銆€Of course, I agree with his hands, but how can we “increasing” and let us worry.
I said that the Lord is “eating”. He usually eats too little and should eat more. The younger sister said that the Lord is “exercising”. Exercise can increase muscles and make people feel better. The husband says how to lose weight everywhere.The advertisements, no one has developed a kind of medicine to increase fat, or to eat “fat medicine” to get faster.
銆€銆€Say it, do it.
I know this is impossible.
First, the positioning brought about by genetics.
Husband’s parents are all such a figure, the grandfathers are also less fat than the body; second, picky eaters.
Husband’s mouth is basically vegetarian. When he sees fat meat, he nausea. Only a few pieces of vegetarian meat are picked. Third, sleep.
The old public is sensitive and quiet, and there is a little movement at night. Even if I turn around, I can wake him up for a long time and can’t sleep. The responsibility is so that he can be worried about the problems of the family unit at any time, affecting sleep, sometimes in the middle of the night.On the toss and turns.
The above three articles are all deadlocks that caused him to fail to gain weight.
銆€銆€For my analysis, my husband nodded frequently and sighed. From then on, he never thought of his “increasing fat”.
銆€銆€Therefore, her husband’s 鈥渋ncreasing fat鈥?slogan was eventually killed in the 鈥渃radle鈥? and he also continued to enjoy the 鈥渟hadow鈥?treatment.

Eat boiled food, constipation, Chinese medicine to solve


Eat boiled food, constipation, Chinese medicine to solve

From the perspective of Chinese medicine treatment, constipation should be divided into false and true syndrome differentiation treatment.

Li Zongxin, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, pointed out that young people who are more greedy in the fall like to eat spicy food, and these foods are easy to make people “get angry”, and the body produces real heat, and this kind of gastrointestinal heat will bringThe problem of constipation, this kind of constipation in Chinese medicine has become a “real secret.”

In fact, the actual course of the disease is relatively short, which is characterized by short-term constipation episodes. People also have bad breath, red eyes, thick and thick tongue coating, pain in the abdomen and irritability and anger.

“Secret” is a long-term constipation. The elderly suffer from “viral secrets”, most of which are characterized by qi deficiency and constipation caused by lack of blood.

Patients also generally appear pale, weak, defeated, and even do not defecate for a few days.

Moreover, the stool is not necessarily very dry and does not necessarily exhibit a dry knot.

In addition, the lack of yin and blood in the human body can lead to constipation of yin deficiency. Patients often show long defecation time, spherical stool, fever of hands and feet, tinnitus, dizziness, irritability and other problems. For example, pregnant women are prone to yin after infection.Virtual constipation.
銆€銆€Experts remind that the use of secret and secret drugs is different.

The real secret is usually short-term constipation, you can temporarily use some Kailu Lulu and oral laxatives; and because of the long-term chronic disease, it is not appropriate to abuse laxatives, otherwise it will form a drug dependence, which is also harmful to the body.

However, the secret and the secret are often difficult to distinguish, so it is best to go to the hospital after constipation, and then confirm the condition and then prescribe the right medicine.

銆€銆€Li Zongxin pointed out that Beijing’s climate gradually became more and more dry in autumn. Autumn dryness is the most common problem for human health. Constipation is one of the serious consequences of autumn dryness due to insufficient drinking water.

In addition, when the weather is cool, people’s appetite is getting better and better. Hot pot and some spicy food are on the table at people’s table. This kind of diet structure makes many people have a good time but it is painful.

In addition, work is stressful, stress is high, eating too much food, crude fiber food is reduced to cause exercise reduction, life is irregular, resonance sensitivity caused by laxative abuse is reduced, and some prevention, colon tumor or endocrine, nervous system and other diseases, as well as the use of sedative drugs, nerve blockers, may lead to constipation.

Other women in order to lose weight, eat boiled food and rarely put oil, which is also easy to cause constipation.

As a result, the above factors led to a significant increase in the proportion of constipation patients in outpatients in the fall hospital, and there were significantly more women than men in constipation.

銆€銆€Six strokes to ease constipation.

Regularly develop regular bowel movement habits, so that the body will form a conditioned reflex, when the peristalsis moves, the incidence of constipation will be small.


Drinking the right amount of water can adjust the effect and change the internal driving force. Of course, it can reduce the constipation.


Drugs that cause constipation mentioned above, such as sedatives such as diazepam.


Exercise avoids sedentary movements and high concentration of mind, more deep breathing, abdominal exercise, turning waist and legs, walking, running, playing Tai Chi and other sports.


People who suffer from constipation damage can insist on self-massage every day and relieve constipation.

Massage the abdomen clockwise every day before going to bed, every 30 to 50 times, can promote the peristalsis in series, which is good for defecation.


Therapeutic Chinese medicine experts recommended some methods of diet to deal with constipation: cook two bananas, and then put the right amount of rock sugar to taste; or take 30 to 60 grams of raw Polygonum, and rice, jujube together; or take four or five, andCook about 50 grams of sea bream together; or take 50 grams of white fungus and boil the right amount of rock sugar, or take 50 grams of pine nuts into the porridge, take 50 grams of honey, 25 grams of sesame oil and 100 ml of boiling water to mix, you can prevent or relieve constipationThe role.

銆€銆€You can eat more fiber-consuming foods in your daily diet, such as eating more flour with wheat bran, flour rice, corn, oats, soybeans, more cabbage, celery, leeks, radishes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, sesame seeds, walnuts,Ejiao and grapefruit, apple, peach and other fruits can prevent and relieve constipation.