Beef bone wolfberry carrot soup

Beef bone wolfberry carrot soup

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Materials]250 grams of beef bones, 50 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 150 grams of carrots.

  [Production]Smash the beef bones, wash the carrots and cut into pieces, wash the wolfberries, add the right amount of water in the same pot, cook with gentle heat, so that it is fully dissolved in the soup, and add ginger, fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, and seasoning.Drink soup to eat goji berries, carrots.

This side can be used as a side dish.

  [Effect]Filling the essence and nourishing the blood, nourishing the blood and making the hair healthy, it is used to break the hair caused by the deficiency of the essence and blood.

How is the relationship in the second half of the year

How is the relationship in the second half of the year


How to find it!

Xiaomei flipped through the wardrobe hysterically, but when she found the newly purchased skirt, she found out that she rushed out of the room and found that the skirt was worn by her sister Damei.Xiaomei screamed, “Ah!

Even if I wear the skirt I bought, it is so ugly!

The skirts you think Damei wears are: 1, bright white skirt 2, light white skirt 3, red skirt 4, dark green skirt 5, light green skirt 6, blue black skirt 7, beige skirt 8, yellow skirt testResult: Choose 1 or 2: Do n’t talk about peach blossoms. Peach leaves should be chuckled. In the second half of the year, peach blossoms are so bad that if you have someone in the other half, you need to be more careful.

  Choice 3: Feeling stable, but it’s not so easy if you want to make outstanding new progress.

  Choose 4 or 5: The object you want will appear, but it can easily become “falling flowers intentionally, flowing water is ruthless”. With hard love in the future, be careful at the beginning!

  Choice 6: There may be a peach blossom, but you have no interest in him at all, but if you already have the other half, you should be careful about breaking up due to disputes.

  Choose 7 or 8: Peach Blossoms are very good, great luck, many people will fall in love with you in the second half of the year, and it will be troublesome to deal with them!

Cardio-cerebrovascular patients should not eat more quail eggs

Cardio-cerebrovascular patients should not eat more quail eggs

According to nutritionists, quail eggs have the highest cholesterol content among various foods.

Quail eggs contain 3640 milligrams of cholesterol, while soy products, egg whites, and sea cucumber have zero cholesterol per hundred grams.

For other foods, milk is 13 mg, lean pork is 90 mg, and egg yolk is 1163 mg.

In other words, the cholesterol content of quail eggs is 280 times that of milk, 61 times that of lean pork, and 3 times that of egg yolk.

1 times.

  Elevated plasma in the body is the precursor of arteriosclerosis.

Therefore, the elderly, especially those with cerebrovascular disease, are better off eating quail eggs.

Overworked fat harassed busy people in the workplace

“Overworked fat” harassed busy people in the workplace

The busy work not only does not make the weight drop, but the body’s meat is more and more, and the weight is soaring. This phenomenon is called “over-expansion.”
After 鈥渙verwork and death鈥? 鈥渙ver-expansion鈥?has become a new hot spot and has been paid more and more attention.
“Overworked fat” affects not only the body, but also easily causes many diseases and endangers health.
Experts remind that at the end of the year, the work pressure has accumulated to the peak, and professionals in the workplace should pay special attention to prevent “overwork.”
銆€銆€Phenomenon The office worker was accidentally busy. “Before attending work, the weight is maintained at around 60 kg.
But now because of busy work, irregular diet, and sitting all the time, the weight is rising.
“Mr. Li, who works in the media, said that he would “sacrifice” the breakfast in order to sleep more in the morning, and at noon he liked to eat fast food such as rice noodles and rice with his colleagues. The dinner was full of time.Usually I have to work hard on myself. “As a result, I found myself getting fatter and weighed more than 70 kilograms.
When the year is approaching, Ms. Chen, who is a business manager at the bank, is busy with the annual performance. In the daytime, the unit is not reporting to the leader or receiving the customer, and is not allowed to take a moment. Many jobs have to be taken home, even weeks.Work overtime on six weeks.
For more than a month, I have been busy every day, and eating is often three meals and two meals. I stay up late and get up early, and my life is extremely irregular.
Surprisingly, under such high-intensity work, Ms. Chen was not only tired and thin, but also five or six pounds.
銆€銆€”The more you work, the more you want to eat snacks.
Ms. Zhang was busy writing materials while eating fried artichokes.
The reporter found that with the approaching of the Spring Festival, there are office workers who eat snacks in order to ease the pressure of work. The sales of many health snacks in supermarkets and stores have soared.
A supermarket salesperson told reporters that in addition to the influence of the family at the end of the year, many office workers have joined the ranks of buying snacks. Some are working hard to keep working, and some are trying to eat snacks.Pressure.
銆€銆€Investigations of sedentary people who are less likely to suffer from labor and fats Recently, a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Survey Center on and China Internet.
0% of people bluntly said that there are many people around them who have 鈥渙verworked鈥? 19.
8% of people think that “very much”; 75.
7% of people believe that 鈥渟itting for a long time, lack of exercise鈥?is the leading cause of 鈥渙verwork鈥?
銆€銆€Why does the busy work not only make the weight drop, but the meat on the body is getting more and more?
銆€銆€”A long period of tension can cause the neurons that manage the diet to lose balance, leading to changes in appetite.
Liu Hai, director of the Clinical Nutrition Department of the Third People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, said that from a medical point of view, excessively busy, sleep is bound to be insufficient, and pressure will increase.
Insufficient sleep leads to increased hunger hormones, and people who eat too much, coupled with irregular eating habits and lack of exercise, can make people obese.
Some people, especially women, want to eat more pressure and eventually get too much calories.
銆€銆€Harmful overwork can cause a variety of diseases “obesity may cause type 2 diabetes and myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Liu Hai said that the diseases caused by obesity are collectively referred to as “metabolic syndrome”, which is manifested as damage on different organs depending on the human gene.
銆€銆€Who is a high-risk group of 鈥渙verworked鈥?
Wang Wen, a health manager at Kunming Tongren Hospital, said that white-collar workers, doctors, and editors all belong to long-term high-stress occupations.
Many young people suffer from obesity, mental depression and other symptoms during long-term overwork and high pressure, but rarely take the initiative to find a doctor.
In recent years, it has been found in physical examination that hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes caused by changes in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system are very young.
銆€銆€If the overweight person often feels tired, tired, insomnia, etc., he should go to the hospital as soon as possible.
Experts remind that ordinary physical examination is not enough for people over 35 years old who are overweight or obese. They should go for professional examinations and keep abreast of their physical condition.
銆€銆€Prevention More exercise, less snacks, less staying up late, body bloated is one of the physical alarms caused by stress and overwork.
People tend to lean toward food decompression, so people are prone to gain weight when they are stressed.
Experts remind that when stress is high, you should eat on time, do not have to pay attention to every meal, you can eat healthy food such as yogurt, fruit and nuts.
“Overworked fertilizer is preventable, the most important thing is to learn to work and rest and self-regulation.
“To prevent and reduce the “over-expansion of the workplace”, experts suggest: adhere to exercise, form a good living habits; scientific arrangements for work, try to stay up late; diet, eat less snacks and nightingale.
銆€銆€People who are already overweight or obese should be controlled on the diet, taking care to choose foods that contain high levels of fiber, moderate amounts of protein, less starch, and low fat.
At the same time, participate in group activities.For those who want to lose weight through exercise, long-term persistence is not easy.

If you work with friends and relatives, you can make your exercise enjoyable and help you maintain your mood.

How to exercise in summer to lose the nasty excess meat


How to exercise in summer to lose the nasty excess meat

How to scientifically exercise in summer can reduce the disgusting excess meat. Summer is over, how many joys are there.

The good news is that you don’t have to wear thick clothes any more, no need to point your fingers to the bed to decide whether you want to continue to bed.

For a girl, I can finally flutter in a long skirt.

銆€銆€However, everything has its opposite.

After a winter, many friends have too many uncles in their bodies, and all of this can be covered up by thick clothing.

But when these bunkers are gradually stripped, the “overwhelming” changes in the body will surely cause too many friends who love beauty to freak out.

In order to maintain a good body, a large number of friends will make up their minds to strengthen their exercise in the summer and let the devil figure reappear.

銆€銆€In addition, because the summer is generally hot, everyone’s appetite is generally small, so it is easy to lose weight compared to other seasons.

Seeing this, I believe that many friends are already eager to try.

So, how do you exercise in the summer to achieve good weight loss?

銆€銆€Short-term exercise should not be too much exercise. Too many friends who insist on being around have felt that posture exercise has a very good effect on weight loss.

However, weight management dietitians say that this type of time movement is not scientific.

銆€銆€After a lot of exercise, due to the loss of body water, the number of weights will naturally appear to decline. However, the number of aunts who are really decomposed is not known.

Experts say that only proper exercise time and exercise intensity are the most effective ways to metabolize abnormalities, and this appropriateness varies from person to person.

Even so, whether or not you can continue to exercise is the key factor in the ultimate success of weight loss.

銆€銆€Exercise time should not be too long after the hydration to the right amount of summer weather is hot, the body itself is very expensive, so if you do not grasp the amount of exercise during fitness, it is easy to cause the body’s blood sugar is low, the resistance is reduced, very easy to dizzy, seriousThis leads to fainting, so excessive exercise in summer is not good for health.

銆€銆€Even if you can control the exercise time reasonably, the hot weather will continue to accelerate the loss of water in the body. Therefore, you must pay attention to the timely supplement of the water consumed by the body, so you should drink at least two glasses of water for half an hour before exercise.

If the outdoor exercise time is more than half an hour, be sure to bring bottle of water, preferably with saline.

銆€銆€Summer is the best place to swim in the summer. Due to the scorching sun, many sports are not very convenient, and swimming is the best fitness program.

Because swimming is a full-body exercise, basically every part of the body can move fully in the water.

And as a representative of aerobic exercise, sustained release swimming can achieve significant fat burning effect.

In addition, in general swimming pools or beaches, the water temperature will be lower than the body temperature, and the cool stimulation can shrink the capillaries and accelerate blood circulation, thereby promoting metabolism.

銆€銆€However, it is important to remind everyone that if you swim too fast and too urgent, and the action is too intense, I am afraid it will cause harm.

In order to avoid injury during swimming, remember to warm up before entering the water.

銆€銆€In fact, every summer, the major swimming pools are almost full.

Friends who want to lose weight by swimming, it is estimated that they will struggle for a while.

銆€銆€After exercise, stay away from cold drink snacks and let the weight drop for a while. Many friends chose scientific exercise methods, and they have been insisting, but they still never understand, why can’t weight fall?

Experts say that this situation is related to a large number of eating habits.

Many people think that after the exercise, the body’s aunt has been consumed, so it doesn’t matter if you have a cold drink.

銆€銆€What they don’t know, however, is that these cold drinks are mainly high-sugar foods. When they enter the body, they can quickly cause an increase in blood sugar. Under the action of insulin, they change to a small amount, causing weight gain. At the same time, many ice creams contain trans fatty acids, which affect the human

銆€銆€I believe that many of my friends are definitely crazy in weight loss during this time. Dieting, exercise, and omnipotence, old Chinese medicine reminds everyone that attention to health is still in the first place.


TCM health bathing therapy


TCM health bathing therapy

Sunbathing: the dialogue between skin and the health of the sun. Our ancestors recognized the health of the human body very early on. For example, in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, there is a summer health regimen that 鈥済ets up early and gets up early, does not hate the day鈥?It is necessary to record the “sunlight in the morning”.

In “Health Prescription”, there are also statements of “sitting on the sun” and “sunning in the sun”.

In the Tang Dynasty famous doctor Sun Sizhen pointed out in his book “The Golden Essentials”: “When the sky is warm and windless, the mother will play in the middle of the day, and when she sees the wind, the blood is full, the muscles are strong.Dense, can be cold, not disease.

This explains the timing, method and scope of bathing in the sun in more detail.

銆€銆€From the perspective of rehabilitation medicine, proper sun exposure promotes human metabolism and hematopoietic function, promotes the body’s oxidation process and muscle and joint activity, makes the human enzyme system more active, and the long sword can improve the body’s immunity.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun can turn dehydrosterols in the skin into vitamin D, which can improve the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, and suffer from rickets.

In addition, ultraviolet rays can also inhibit and kill microorganisms on the surface of the skin and prevent the pathogens of the disease; infrared rays in sunlight can increase the local temperature of the human body, dilate blood vessels, promote metabolism and tissue regeneration, and can reduce inflammation and analgesia.

Sunbathing can also increase the secretion of sebum and sweat in the body, which helps to keep the skin moisturized.

銆€銆€For patients with stable disease, TB patients in recovery period, and patients with neurosis, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, chronic enteritis, and sputum disease, they can not receive the same degree of efficacy after sunbathing.
However, patients with fever, skin irritation, insomnia, and severe anemia and bleeding tendency should not use this therapy.

銆€銆€Hot spring bath: Spring water that is soaked in warm spring water above the average annual average temperature is generally called hot spring.

Chinese medicine believes that the hot springs have a slightly toxic taste, and the outer bath is used to remove the sores of the hemorrhoids, and there are Wentong meridians, lively and qi and blood, and the benefits of phlegm and relaxation, which makes people happy and emotionally stretched.Thereby enhancing the body.

In his book “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Li Shizhen wrote about the use of hot springs to treat skin diseases: “Teaching people suffering from hurricane and yang plum sore, eating into the pool, long bathing and sweating, and self-healing.”

“It is necessary to remind the readers that it is a general bath in a hot spring bath. Because of the different hot spring ingredients, the length of bathing should be different.

When washing the bath, time is 10 per time?
20 minutes is appropriate, if the micro-temperature bath can be longer, the high-temperature bath is not suitable for too long.

When carrying out the carbonated bath, it should prevent excessive inhalation of carbonation gas to avoid adverse reactions. Therefore, it should be taken once every other day or 2 days on the bath for 2 days, 8 times each time.
15 minutes.

When you are out of the bath, do not stand up suddenly to prevent orthostatic hypotension and fall.

Women in the menstrual period, should not take a hot spring bath during pregnancy.

Patients with acute febrile illness, acute infectious diseases, hypertension, etc. should not take a hot spring bath.

銆€銆€Mud bath: Detoxification in the “massage” of the skin to the skin. In many medical works, the description of the mud therapy is combined. For example, in the “Elbow Reserve”, it is recorded in the “Emergency and acne, but it is closed to the sun.”Three steps, using the knife to dig the ground, making a small hurdle.

Take the hot soup Wokan in the mud as a pill such as Wutongzi, and serve it.

And with less mud, mud sores, good.

“A mud bath abroad is popular every year. Yang Gangzi of Liaoning Province also has such a mud bath.

The mud contains a lot of minerals, such as strontium, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide and calcium oxide. It has the spirit of refreshing, cleansing the skin, tightening pores and whitening the skin. It has special effects on the treatment of skin diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.People shrink in the mud pool and have the disadvantage of eliminating fatigue.

銆€銆€From the perspective of health rehabilitation, mud bath has three major health care effects.

Improvement: Warm mud can improve the sensitivity of the human nervous system, thus eliminating the pain caused by rheumatism, rheumatoid, traumatic sequelae, low back pain and other diseases. After several treatments, the patient’s pain will gradually reduce;”Massage”: When the mud is applied to the surface of the human body, the muscle layer of the human skin will produce corresponding resistance, and promote the elasticity of the skin of the human body, which is beneficial to the relaxation of the skin, and a health massage to the skin; nutrition:Mud, especially in the mud, contains a variety of mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body. When the mud bath is used, it can achieve a certain nutritional effect on the skin.

銆€銆€Sand bath: the perfect combination of magnetic therapy and hyperthermia The ancient medical books “Qian Jin Yao Fang” and “Herbal Supplements” have a more detailed description of sand bath therapy.

There is such a record in a collection of “Herbal Herbs” written by a certain Tibetan ware: “The hot sands of the countries in the river in June, the main wind is warm and ill, the contraction of the bones is shrinking, the wind is blowing, and the blood is cut off.

Taking the dry sand day is extremely hot, sitting in it, cold is easier.

After the sand bath, the body’s whole body qi and blood speed up, which is conducive to keeping the meridian smooth, slender offensive evil, especially for the treatment of cold and damp diseases.

In addition, compared with the mud bath, the sand bath is more likely to strengthen the secretion of sweat glands in the human body, which is beneficial to accelerate the dissipation of edema, cause metabolism, and have certain anti-inflammatory effects.

In addition, the sand bath also has the effect of preventing the exudation of lymph and blood in the human body and promoting the absorption of exudate.

銆€銆€From the perspective of modern rehabilitation medicine, sand bath also has better magnetic therapy.

It has good effects on rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic low back pain and vascular embolization vasculitis.

Through the thermal treatment of sand bath, the dual role of magnetic therapy can effectively promote the blood circulation of the human body, expand blood vessels, adjust the physiological response of the whole body, and activate and restore the nerve function of the human body, improve the metabolism of the affected part, and actively mesh.The function of the endothelium system regulates the overall balance of the body to achieve therapeutic effects.

銆€銆€Sand therapy has a wide range of adaptation, in addition to frail elderly, infants, pregnant women, menstruating women and patients with organic diseases, such as migraine, sequelae of nervous system diseases, hypertension, Raynaud’s disease, etc.As well as arthritis, both waist and leg pain are treated.