Self-diagnosis of kidney deficiency and diet maintenance

Self-diagnosis of kidney deficiency and diet maintenance

Kidney yin and kidney yang are interdependent and related in the human body to maintain the physiological balance of the human body.

If this balance is disrupted or some aspect changes, men will have impotence, premature ejaculation, ejaculation, semen disease, etc.

  Symptom 1 Cold chills: “chills” refers to feelings of cold and wind.

“Extremity cold” refers to the symptoms of cold hands, feet, and even elbows and knees.

“Chills and cold limbs” are often accompanied by soreness in the waist and knees, fatigue, lying down, lack of gas, laziness, and lack of thirst.

  Symptom 2 Sexual intercourse is excessive: Chinese medicine believes that kidney hides essence.

The kidney essence produces kidney yin and kidney yang, which guides the nourishment and warmth of the internal organs.

Kidney yin and kidney yang are interdependent and related in the human body to maintain the physiological balance of the human body.

If this balance is disrupted or some aspect changes, men will have impotence, premature ejaculation, ejaculation, semen disease, etc.

  Symptom 3 Dizziness, weakness, insomnia, and dreams: The kidney nourishes and warms the other organs, which is one of the important organs of the human body. If other organisms do not heal for a long time, they will easily hurt the kidney.

Many chronic diseases such as chronic hepatitis, coronary heart disease, bronchial hypertension, and hypertension are often accompanied by kidney deficiency symptoms.

  Symptom 4 Hypertension: The kidneys have the function of “holding energy”.

Unable to breathe because of kidney deficiency, it will cause shortness of breath, short breath and more breath, which makes it difficult for you to breathe.

In severe cases, symptoms such as exacerbation of wheezing and cold sweats may occur with asthma.

  Symptom 5 Back pain: Back pain is basically due to kidney deficiency, which can be divided into internal injuries and strains.

Internal injury and kidney deficiency generally refers to congenital deficiency, chronic illness or excessive fatigue.

The lighter person is difficult to bend or stand upright, and the serious person has heel pain, waist weakness and other symptoms; strain refers to heavy physical burden, or long-term armed work in the same fixed posture (using a computer, driving, etc.), which will damage kidney qi over time, resulting inKidney essence is insufficient.

  Symptom 6 Polyuria at night: Generally, the number of nocturia is more than 2 times, or the urine output is more than 1/4 of the whole day. In severe cases, nocturia occurs once an hour, and the urine output is close to or exceeds the daytime urine output.Polyuria. ”

Normal urination during the day and more urine at night are the characteristics of this disease, mostly caused by weak kidney qi.

  Symptom 7 Dizziness and tinnitus: Many people have experienced dizziness, the kind of eyes that are flowering, turning in circles, nausea and vomiting are not good, and patients with dizziness are often accompanied by tinnitus, which hinders hearing, and can even lead to deafness.

The causes of dizziness and tinnitus are mostly related to liver and kidney.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “the kidney hides spermatogenesis, and the marrow gathers into the brain”, so deficiency of the kidney can cause insufficient sea of the marrow, loss of brain support, dizziness, and tinnitus.

  Symptom 8: Constipation: People with constipation often suffer from anal fissures, hemorrhoids and other symptoms due to difficulty in defecation, affecting work, life, and suffering.

Although the constipation node belongs to the large intestine’s conduction dysfunction, its root cause is due to kidney deficiency, because the kidney is opened in the second yin, the main stool, and the stool can be activated by nourishing and nourishing the kidney.

  Symptom 9: Backache, leg pain, frequent urination: sitting in the car for a long time with stiffness, coupled with driving nervousness, over time, qi stagnation, blood stasis, and eventually kidney deficiency.

  Bushen Zhuanggu Fang: used for the symptoms of weakness in the waist and knees caused by kidney-yang deficiency, weakness in the lower limbs, dizziness, and warm hands and feet.

  Method: 500 grams of pig or lamb cavity bones, stewed in wenhuo, 20 grams of Cordyceps to ash residue, rinsed with water, add 50 grams of longan, stew in wenhuo, add seasonings as appropriate.

  Jiannao Bushen Recipe: Insufficient brain marrow caused by deficiency of kidney essence, insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms.

  Method: 300 grams of walnut kernels, 200 grams of wolfberry seeds, 200 grams of privet seeds, 200 grams of fried lotus seeds, 50 grams of fried dates, bottled or canned, add low-level liquor, the wine should exceed about 3 cm of traditional Chinese medicine, stir dailyOnce, add honey as appropriate after half a month, and add it daily.

  Bushen Zhuang Yao Fang: Used for symptoms such as softness in the waist and knees, weakness in the lower limbs, premature ejaculation of nocturnal emission, dizziness and forgetfulness caused by kidney deficiency and kidney cold or inadequate endowment.

  Method: 500 grams of mutton soup until the meat is rotten, add 500 grams of yam and cut into pieces, 100 grams of Chinese wolfberry, stew for half an hour, add seasonings as appropriate.

Tonifying the kidney and strengthening the body formula: To solve the weakness of the waist and knees caused by the weakness of the spleen and kidney, dizziness, tinnitus, dull complexion caused by Na Gu not fragrant or chemotherapy, fatigue and fatigue.

  Method: A pair of pig or sheep kidney, cut open the fascia, and soak in cold water for half a day.

100 grams of black fungus, soaked in cold water, 200 grams of cauliflower, small pieces, washed and boiled.

Pork or sheep kidney diced, stir-fry with black fungus, add ginger, minced garlic and salt, add cauliflower when stir-fried, and stir-fry until cooked.

  Nourishing Liver and Kidney Recipe: It is used for the symptoms of dizziness, dazzle, joint flexion and extension, irritability, night sweats and other symptoms caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

  Method: 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 10 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 50 grams of lilies, wash and add water and simmer. Slow cook for about 20 minutes, add 50 grams of pork or sheep liver and seasoning, and cook for about 30 minutes.Eat liver and drink soup in portions.

  Bushen Zhuangyang Fang: used for kidney qi deficiency, impotence and premature ejaculation caused by insufficient kidney yang, frequent nocturnal emission of urine, low back pain, lower limb weakness and other symptoms.  Method: 250 grams of Chinese wolfberry, a pair of toads with heads and feet removed, 200 grams of Cistanche, 50 grams of jujube, packed in a wide mouth bottle, mixed with low-grade liquor, the wine needs to exceed about 3 cm of traditional Chinese medicine, stirred once a day.field.

Break through the top five moisturizing lies_1

Break through the top five moisturizing lies

When the seasons change, when your skin feels dry and tight, your first reaction must be to drink a lot of water and absorb moisturizers. Among them, beauties need to pay attention to: the professional moisturizing experience you think may not always be rightof.

  Myth 1: Moisturizing ingredients perfect collagen when rubbed, hyaluronic acid These moisturizing ingredients seem to be able to exchange skin like gel with just one rub.

But are these ingredients so amazing?

In fact, none of these moisturizing ingredients is perfect. When using it, you must consider how the skin is not suitable and how to use it.

For example, hyaluronic acid has a large molecular weight, which helps the skin absorb water, but it does not have the ability to store water. Therefore, it should be used with water-retaining moisturizers (jojoba oil, vaseline, etc.).Not locking the water will quickly evaporate the moisture of the skin and make the skin drier.

  Tip: When choosing a moisturizing product, you need to understand the various moisturizing ingredients and effects, taking into account the “water absorption” and “locking water” in order to play the role of water to nourish the skin.

  Lie 2: Daily Moisturizing Mask Daily Moisturizing Mask is simply a moisturizing and moisturizing mask. It is not impossible, but the effect is not as effective as you think, because it only temporarily improves the skin’s hydration and truly deep improves the dryness of the skin.The hero may still be the moisturizing essence and night cream you use later.

It may be a waste to think about it this way. Moreover, if the nutritional content in the mask is too high, daily application will irritate the skin on the face and cause excess skin nutrition.

  Tips: Apply the nutritional moisturizing mask once to twice a week. Apply the mask for about 20 minutes. Apply it for too long or even wait until the mask is dry before removing it. It will only allow the water to evaporate.

Immediately after removing the mask, apply lotion to lock in water.

  Myth 3: Lotion can help skin moisturize Don’t look at the appearance of lotion water, it alone can’t help skin moisturization.

Toner is the last step of cleaning in Europe. It is the first step of maintenance in the Eastern concept of maintenance. It is to help the next skin care products to help the skin products absorb better.

If you use an alcohol-based lotion, it is easier to evaporate quickly after application.

  Tip: In dry autumn and winter seasons, you can use a moisturizing and soothing lotion with a moisturizing and soothing effect. The essential moisturizing essence and moisturizing emulsion are the key to really increase the amount of skin oil.

  Myth 4: It is OK to keep spraying mineral sprays. Although mineral sprays contain traces of mineral ions, they can calm sensitive skin and replenish moisture, but the spray does not contain water content that can lock water.Without moisturizing the lotion, the skin will be embedded in a vicious cycle of repeated wet and dry cycles, which will cause skin dehydration.

  Tip: Do not leave the spray on the skin for more than 1 minute. Excess moisture should be absorbed with a paper towel, and then moisturizing lotion should be applied immediately.

  Myth 5: Essences are more water-tight than creams. This misconception is that the skin care ingredients in Essences products are often higher in content than creams. At the same time, they are lighter in width and have better ability to penetrate and absorb.

However, the essence often acts on the deep layers of the skin and cannot form a protective layer on the surface of the skin like a cream. Once the essence is applied without the cream, the skin will soon feel very dry.

Beards are bad for your health

Beards are bad for your health

In bustling streets, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and lead emitted from automobile exhaust are also easily adsorbed by beards. These harmful substances may be converted into human breath and sucked back into the respiratory tract, endangering human health.

  You may love beard-bearing, thinking that it can increase the grace of people.

However, experts from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have found that beard storage is harmful to human health.

  There are dozens of harmful substances in the air exchanged by beards, including carbonic acid, benzene, toluene, hydrosulfide, acetic acid, ammonia, etc.

For those who smoke, the situation is particularly serious, and carcinogens such as benzopyrene contained in the smoke will also stay on the beards.

In addition, on the bustling streets, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and lead from car exhaust are also easily adsorbed by beards.

These harmful substances may be sucked back into the respiratory tract and endanger human health.

  Studies have also found that long beards have increased secretion of oil on the epidermis, which is often more difficult to wash off when washing faces with water.

And grease has the characteristics of dust and microorganisms.

The harm of the palace cold, you know a few


The harm of the palace cold, you know a few

The word “Tai Han” often hears people say that but the palace is in the end what is going on. Many people can’t say a hazard. Because of the coldness of the palace, the cold caused the cold hands and feet of the palace for many years.

2, the palace cold has a great chance of causing infertility.

3, the woman of the palace cold is sore and soft, and the color is not good.

4, the palace cold caused a lot of night urination in women.

5, Gong Han let the woman’s house cold.

6, the palace cold woman menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea.

7, the palace cold woman is easy to abort.

8, palace cold caused chloasma, dark circles.

9, the palace is extremely easy, the woman in the morning is too bloated.

There are many reasons for the death of the palace caused by the cold of the palace. It is related to the constitution for a long time. For example, women who are afraid of cold on weekdays and who are prone to cold in their hands and feet are prone to palace cold due to lack of yang in the body.

In addition, living habits can also cause palace cold.

Some women especially like to eat cold drinks, or to cool the air, to lower the temperature of the air conditioner, or to be beautiful, and to dress thin in the winter, these habits are easy to cause cold due to cold evil.

Is the hot water bottle applied to the small abdomen to cure the palace cold?
Hot water bag applied to the small abdomen to cure the palace cold is the hot water bag applied to the small abdomen to cure the palace cold is mainly through the introduction of promoting blood circulation in the human body to alleviate the symptoms of the palace cold, so the effect of the constitution caused by the palace cold hot water bottle on the lower abdomen is not very good, but for the habitsThe caused by the palace cold can be relieved by applying a hot water bag to the lower abdomen.

Ginger tablets soak the feet to cure the palace cold? Ginger blistering feet are helpful for the treatment of palace cold. Every night, use ginger water to soak your feet, you can warm the blood and warm the palace.

The correct way to soak the ginger feet: If you use ginger water to soak your feet, you should not put the ginger in hot water for a while. It should be 15-30 grams of ginger and flatten it, then add the ginger to the pot and add the small half pot of water.Cover the lid and boil it in hot water for about 10 minutes.

After cooking, pour all the ginger water out, then all you need to do is add the right amount of cold water, so that you don’t feel hot. At this time, you need to pay attention to the water when you soak your feet.Blisting your feet while you are soaking, so that you can live a good life to alleviate the symptoms of the cold.

Keeping warm can be a must-have for many women who are pregnant in the winter.

Even in summer, there is a problem of cold and warmth.

In the air-conditioned room, enjoy the beautiful legs, jade arms, shoulders, back, small waist.

The air-conditioning air-conditioning refuses to be sun-thousands away from the human body, but it is close to the human body.

Often inadvertently, cold and invade.

Palace cold should be more exercise, less food, cold and cold, in addition to the innate physique, but also related to acquired factors, such as multiple people lead to pelvic infection, postpartum (including normal childbirth or small production such as human flow, drug flow) or tired after menstruation orFeel the cold, over-frequency or unclean sex life, eating too cold on the diet, damage the body yang, leading to kidney yang deficiency or affecting the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption function, and causing spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

If women can prevent attention from these aspects, sometimes it is more effective than a good medicine to prevent the formation of kidney yang deficiency or spleen and kidney yang deficiency (the so-called palace cold) constitution.

For women with existing palace cold problems, in addition to receiving doctor’s treatment, life should also pay attention to strengthening exercise (non-menstrual period), other flexible activities suitable for female friends, such as Tai Chi, hula hoop, yoga, joggingWait; eat more high-protein easily absorbed foods, such as fish, chicken, etc.; eat less cold food, in the autumn and winter can also replace warm herbs, such as Codonopsis, North scattering, Bayu Tian, Eucommia, etc.Or make a paste tonic to improve physical fitness.

What kind of food is good for Gong Han?

1 Longan cinnamon circle is rich in iron, containing 100 grams of longan meat.

9 grams of iron, in the fruit, longan meat is a kind of iron-rich food, can be used as an anemia treatment, generally used in soup or porridge, longan is a warm food, for womenGong Han has a very good effect.

2 black dates and black dates are called 鈥渘utrition warehouses鈥? Regular consumption can help women to nourish and nourish blood and maintain the function of epithelial cells.

And can warm the stomach, eyesight and blood circulation, is good for poison, is moisturizing the skin, black mustache is called good.

It also has a very good effect on women’s cold symptoms.

3 safflower warm palace eggs take 1 egg, make a mouth, put saffron 1.

5 grams, stir well and serve.

The second day of menstrual cramps began to eat, eat 1 day, even eat 9 days, and then wait for the next day of the next month to start the service again, continue to wear 3?
4 menstrual cycle, can evacuate congestion, warm the uterus.

4 brown sugar ginger tea ginger warm palace cold, brown sugar nourish qi and blood, especially for women who have been in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, or suffering from dysmenorrhea.

5 flat fruits In addition to hot and warm fruits, flat fruits are also a good choice for women with palace cold, such as apple, grape, peach, apricot, pineapple, longan, sugar cane, passion fruit, lemon, guava, avocado,Pineapple, grape, lotus, orange, sugar cane, papaya, olive, plum, Indian jujube, etc.

6 hot fruit Chinese medicine is more inclined to balance, yin and yang reconciliation, people with hot body should eat cold food, people with cold constitution, naturally eat more warm food, the principle of eating fruit is the same.
The female body of Gonghan is cold, so it is appropriate to eat some warm, hot fruits such as lychee, peach, longan, cherry, coconut, durian, apricot, black dates and so on.

Say goodbye to bloating, recommend two small methods


Say goodbye to bloating, recommend two small methods

To say that the most common gastrointestinal problems in daily life, it is bloating and bloating.

Many people will not pay special attention to this problem, and think that it is only a minor problem.

In fact, if the long-term bloating and bloating are not solved, it will bring other gastrointestinal diseases to the body.

Therefore, when there is an expansion gas, it must be well-known.

So, what causes bloating and bloating?

There are several reasons for this.

Mainly in the diet, too much food in one time, the food stays inside the interior for too long, and the bacteria in the tandem fermentation produce gas, causing abdominal distension.

In addition, when the air is taken in, the gas discharge in the exhaust gas path is disturbed, and the absorption is hindered, which causes bloating.

In reality, many people think that bloating, bloating is a disease that can be cured, usually ignored.

Or go to the pharmacy to buy some stomach medicines, such as domperidone. After eating, the symptoms are neither replaced and will be aggravated.

There is a way to treat abdominal distension, which is to practice “abdominal breathing.”

When you inhale, bulge your stomach, and when you exhale, your stomach is indented.

After a while, the bloating is relieved.

The doctor told him to practice after going back to prevent bloating.

This action can make the whole body’s air machine smooth, stimulate the implantation of peristalsis, and promote the discharge of waste in the body.

Insist on exercise, it can solve the problem of bloating, and it is good for hospitals and other organs.

There is also a small remedy for abdominal distension: raw hawthorn, fried malt raw hawthorn, fried malt each 10 grams, mixed with water and boiled.

1 dose (400 ml) per day, on behalf of tea.

In the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, it is commonly used in the treatment of stagnation and retention. “Jiao Sanxian” is not a single-flavored medicine but a three-flavored medicine, namely, Jiaomai, Jiaoshan, and Jiaoshen.

In this small remedy, malt and hawthorn are also used, but with slight modifications, it is more symptomatic to take raw hawthorn and fried malt.

Hawthorn can eliminate food, “daily herb” has such a record on the hawthorn: “chemical food, line Qi, Jianwei loose, blood stasis.

“Fried malt can be mixed with, suffocating, suffocating, and full of sputum.

Finally, tell everyone that if you want to prevent the occurrence of bloating, when you eat, you must change your habit of gorging, eating too fast and easily swallowing the air.

At the same time, eat high-fiber foods such as beans and potatoes, and non-digestible foods.

In addition, it is necessary to maintain good mood and moderate exercise.

Postpartum reduction of the belly has a trick


Postpartum reduction of the belly has a trick

On the outermost side of the abdomen, the upper part is inserted straight into the center of the abdomen, and the muscle from top to bottom is called the rectus abdominis.

銆€銆€The rectus abdominis consists of two halves, joined together by a thin layer of fibrous tissue called white.

The muscles on the two sides of the abdomen are inclined obliquely from different directions, and the lower layer is penetrated from the top edge to the other side.

銆€銆€Some of these layers of muscles do not cross at the center of the abdomen.

Below the center of the abdomen, there is only one layer of muscle, so this part is particularly fleshy and easily injured.

銆€銆€During pregnancy, the white line begins to soften and begins to expand, separating the two layers of the rectus abdominis muscles to adjust to the gradually growing voltage.

This separation of muscles is known as the separation of the rectus abdominis.

銆€銆€3-4 days after production, you will find a space of about 2-4 fingers wide.

As the muscle’s power begins to increase, the space expands to become the width of only one finger left.

銆€銆€When to start bidding farewell to the fat belly 1 .

Use a measuring ruler to measure the area 3cm away from the navel. If the abdomen is drooping, you can lift it up and measure it.

The ideal size is height * 0.

37 cm.


The real murderer of obesity is cockroaches. You have to look at how thick the cockroaches piled up in the abdomen.

If you can get a subcutaneous fistula of more than 4cm from the 5cm from the navel, you are already in an obese state.


When the abdominal circumference is above 90-100 cm or the ratio of abdominal circumference to arm circumference is greater than zero.

9 (male), greater than 0.

At 85 (female), the abdomen of the abdomen is not going to go.

銆€銆€Can help you eliminate the aunt’s life habits.

Maintain the correct posture whenever and wherever you want.

銆€銆€When you walk, relax your shoulders, naturally swing naturally, lift your lower abdomen, and stay in a slightly tight state.

When sitting in the chair, make the lower abdomen tense, then try to sit on the hips as deeply as possible to make the waist and body stand up.

銆€銆€The coarse salt diet method has the function of sweating. It can excrete waste and excess water in the body, promote skin metabolism, soften dirt, supplement salt and minerals, and make the skin delicate and tight.

If your skin is sensitive, you can use a thinner “bath salt”.

銆€銆€Method 1: Buy a few bags of coarse salt in the supermarket.

Before each bath, take a cup of coarse salt and some hot water to make a paste, then apply it to the abdomen.

After 10 minutes, rinse the coarse salt with hot water, or massage it and then wash it off, then you can start taking a bath.

銆€銆€Method 2: After showering, sprinkle a large spoonful of coarse salt on the palm of your hand and massage the abdomen directly. Don’t use too much force to avoid roughening your skin.

銆€銆€The specific process of the deformation sit-up exercise method: lying at the end of the bed, leaving the bed outside the back, and then bending and bending to make the thigh above.

Straighten your hands to the sides of your body with your palms facing down and behind.

銆€銆€Next, use the force on the abdomen to slowly count the speed to 10, straighten the legs forward, point the toes upwards, make the body line, then bend at the speed of 5, and return the thighs to their original positions.
Pay attention to the back end, relax the retina and arms, and feel that the stomach is working hard.

銆€銆€Sitting on the side of the chair, the abdomen exercises on the side of the chair, the hands clasped the back of the chair, feeling that the human body seems to slide down from the chair, relax and bow the back, the waist should be attached to the chair as much as possible.

This group is convenient, easy, and quick, suitable for daily practice or practice every other day.

銆€銆€The first group: the two feet take turns to do the action of stepping on the bicycle. At this time, the leg muscles should be relaxed, and one foot should be extended downwards. The lower the better, but the ground cannot be touched, and the other foot bends upwards, the better, the better.Repeated practice, insist on 20 times a day.

銆€銆€The second group: with the above position, the legs are bent upwards at the same time, and then tilted down at the same time, pay attention to the waist can not be top, should try to make the abdomen and stomach contract, and then try to close, in order to reach the abdomen is also tight and comfortable, every day insist20 times.銆€銆€Abdominal Massage This is one of the most commonly used abdominal weight loss methods. The use of kneading action plus massage cream is very good for unfortunate improvement.

Massage can increase the temperature of the skin, consume a lot of energy, promote bowel movements, reduce the absorption of nutrients by insulin, promote blood circulation, and allow excess water to replace the body.

銆€銆€Method: Take the navel as the center, hit a question mark in the abdomen, massage along the question mark, first right, back upper, massage 30-50 each time, massage once a day.

銆€銆€The abdomen walking method must first learn the breathing method: when inhaling, the belly rises; when exhaling, the belly tightens.

This is a necessary training for those who practice yoga or practice vocalization.

It helps stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promotes the discharge of waste in the body, smoothes airflow, and increases lung capacity.

銆€銆€Method: When walking and acute, it is necessary to use force to reduce the abdomen and cooperate with abdominal breathing to make the abdominal muscles firm.

I will not get used to it for a day or two, but I can remind myself that I can lose weight when I am at a loss. In a few weeks, not only does the lower abdomen tend to be so, but the walking posture will be more charming.

銆€銆€Using a brain weight loss method, a physiologist from the former Soviet Union pointed out that the intensity index of mental work consumes more nutrients.

Using this principle, a brain weight loss method has been produced.

銆€銆€The specific approach is to let fat people use more brains, such as reading and painting, practicing writing, mathematics, learning technology, etc. Every day, there is a certain amount of time to make the brain nervous, instead of eating and drinking all the time.

銆€銆€Swim for weight loss for 30 minutes can consume 1100 kJ of displacement.

Even if the person is no longer in the water, the metabolic rate is still very fast, and it can be consumed more than usual.

This method is the most scientific and undeniable.

Swimming can both abdomen and shape the entire body.

銆€銆€Preservative film weight loss method This weight loss method is quite popular in Japan.

Conduct 1-2 times a week.

銆€銆€Method: Apply the white Vaseline thinly and evenly on the abdomen of the excess meat, then wrap it in the kitchen wrap. The crucible is wrapped tightly and wrapped with clear tape.

銆€銆€After soaking in the bathtub, the water temperature is preferably 40-42.

Just soak the part below the waist and soak for about 5-15 minutes. At this time, the abdomen covered with plastic wrap should sweat a lot.

銆€銆€After the half-body bath is finished, peel off the plastic wrap, wipe the vaseline with a hot towel, and wash with soap.

Then, while squirting cold water, pat the abdomen rhythmically with both palms and complete 2-3 rounds.

銆€銆€The beauty of the office in the office to stop the abdomen movement has a common headache: the accumulation of small belly, how to eliminate these extra meat?

Sedentary office, activities are very limited, often do not need to move for a few hours, so that more and more beautiful people form a lower body than the upper body fat height.

The following office exercises can help you: First, sit on the chair and slowly lift your legs up.

銆€銆€In the second step, gently put your hands on the lower abdomen, slowly exhale, and gradually tighten the lower abdomen while exhaling.

銆€銆€In the third step, the exhalation slowly speeds up, the lower abdomen gets tighter and tighter, and the front stays relaxed.

銆€銆€In the fourth step, when the lower abdomen has received the tightest degree, the gas is also spit at the same time.

銆€銆€In the fifth step, after the retina and the lower abdomen are relaxed, slowly start inhaling.

銆€銆€In the sixth step, try to inhale. At this time, the lower abdomen does not need to be contracted intentionally, and instead it is replaced by the way the abdomen is pressed down.

銆€銆€The main purpose of this kind of gymnastics is to eliminate the excess meat of the lower abdomen. It can’t see any effect only for two or three times. At least it must be done two or three times a day in the afternoon and the afternoon, at least eight beats each time.After three months, you will be able to polish the effect, not only to maintain the beauty of the body, but also to relieve the stress of stress!

銆€銆€In addition, after bathing at night, it is best to apply some body products (slimming body) to the body, and massage for a while in the abdomen to eliminate excess and help sleep.