Medicinal Recipes

Medicinal Recipes

60 grams of black sesame seeds, 90 grams of honey, 120 grams of corn flour, 50 grams of white flour, 2 eggs, and 15 grams of baking powder.

First, stir-fry the black sesame powder, add corn flour, honey, flour, egg liquid, baking powder, add water and make dough, and heat and ferment at 35 ° C1.

After 2 hours, steam in the drawer for 20 minutes.

  This prescription has the effects of strengthening the stomach, protecting the liver, and promoting the growth of red blood cells.

According to the “Biography of the Immortals”: Although some women with the surname Lu in ancient times were over 80, they were still “very young, travelling three hundred miles a day, and walking with roe deer.”Consume pastries mainly with sesame.

Among the sesame seeds, black sesame seeds are preferred.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Serving black sesame for 100 days can eliminate all dysentery.

One year, she is not thirsty, her white hair returns to black, and her teeth fall even more in three years. ”

Vitamin E in black sesame occupies the first place in plant foods, and vitamin E can promote cell division and senescence of dividing cells. Commonly used, it can replace or neutralize the accumulation of “free radicals” in the senescent substances in cells, which can make it anti-agingAnd the role of longevity.

According to scientist experiments, the life span of experimental animals transformed with vitamin E has been extended by 15?

  Beauty Recipe Tomato Rose Drink Tomato peeled, washed with seeds, cucumbers, fresh roses in moderation.

Grind and crush it, add lemon juice, honey, daily daily.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, diabetes, glutathione, and vitamin C can promote skin metabolism and reduce the pigmentation of the skin, making the skin delicate and tender.

Overcoming Heart Disease with Yoga

Overcoming Heart Disease with Yoga

Coronary heart disease / arterial disease or CAD, they are actually referring to myocardial disease caused by insufficient oxygen supply.

This happens when the arteries contract due to the effects of platelets (a semi-solid latex of LDP and calcium).

Because the channels that carry oxygen are contracted, the heart has to pump harder and pump more blood, which in turn shrinks itself.

  Before we discuss the benefits of yoga for high blood pressure and yoga posture for heart health, let’s explore the causes and various ways of heart disease and how yoga can help prevent and improve heart disease.

  The formation of platelets inside the heart’s coronary arteries causes them to harden, also known as arteriosclerosis.

Hypertension, smoking and high cholesterol all contribute to arteriosclerosis.

CAD has developed over a long period of time.

Because it takes a long time to form, people generally know that its symptoms are only around 50 years old.

Chest pain (angina pectoris) and shortness of breath are common features of CAD.

Unfortunately, for many people, crime is likely to be the first sign of CAD.

  What people are affected by CAD?

  The survey found that men and women of all ages may be affected by CAD.

However, in general, men are at greater risk after the age of 45, while women are after the age of 55 (after menopause).

Surveys show that among people over the age of 50, 50% of men die from CAD-induced heart disease, compared with 63% of women.

Those with a family history of illness are more likely to be affected at an earlier age.

  Risk factors for coronary artery disease Smoking, hypertension, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, 240 mg / dL and above are all risk factors.

Heredity is also an important risk factor.

  How does yoga work in the fight against heart disease?

  A study published in the Journal of the Indian Physicians Association (JAPI) establishes the theory that cardiovascular reversals are possible through the practice of yoga.

One study consisted of 71 patients (study group) with proven disease and another 42 were affiliated.

The results of the final study showed that total serum plasma levels were reduced by 23 in the trained patients.

3%, the disease improved by 43.

At 7%, the rate of disease development has also decreased by 46.


There has also been a noticeable improvement in patient concerns.

The adopted yoga practice methods, including the sedation method and the stimulation method, have obvious effects, leading to a decrease in serum insulin levels, LDL, and triglyceride levels.

  Practicing Yoga to Keep Your Heart Healthy The idea that yoga can help treat heart disease has been around for a long time.

Recently, multiple studies have shown that yoga can significantly alleviate various symptoms of coronary artery disease, and yoga has been better innovated.

  Holy Light Breath Adjusting Method Holy Light Breath Adjusting Method is a breath-adjusting technique.

Holy Light Breath Control requires you to breathe quickly and alternately, while being able to soberly control the movement of division.

This allows the entire respiratory system to be exercised, thereby recovering a large amount of oxygen in a short time.

This also ensures that more blood can reach the cardiovascular muscles (no matter how many are replaced), thereby solving the most important trouble.

  Yoga mountain-mountain yoga starts from the previous, so a fully balanced orientation pose is the foundation of all mountain-style yoga.

The heels and thumbs of the two feet are moved closer to each other, and the weight is finally balanced on the cheekbones, and then the toes of each foot are separated.

Tighten and lift the abdominal muscles, implant the bones, femurs and temples.

Contract the stomach, stretch the chest, implant and spine.

Spread your fingers and hold your arms upright to keep them stiff.

Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson is a subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb.

As the world’s nutrition authority, we have been committed to creating a good start for the growth of infants and young children.

In 1993, Mead Johnson’s headquarters in China was established.

Adhering to the consistent “life health road, taking care of each step”, Mead Johnson Nutrition (China) Co., Ltd. not only produces high-quality nutrition products from pregnancy to childhood, but also promotes the development of nutrition and health care for infants and young children in China, and supports the screening of newborns.Inspecting work, providing special formula milk powder for benzoateuria babies and premature babies, and providing the care and care of Mead Johnson-world-class nutrition experts for newborns.

  Mead Johnson milk powder introduction: The brain has hundreds of millions of neurons, and the communication between neurons-the development of neurological diseases in childhood is the fastest.

High levels of DHA can promote efficient connection and communication between brain cells, and efficient connection between brain cells can promote better learning and reconstruction.

The new An Erbao A +, An Er Jian A + and An Xue Jian A + refer to the relevant recommendations of the American Institute of Medical Research (IOM) to increase the DHA content to more than 4 times the original formula.

  High level of DHA → A + Choline recommended by Intellectual Nutrition → A + New Prebiotic Combination of Memory → A + Protective Power

May 1 small holiday healthy diet Raiders


May 1 small holiday healthy diet Raiders

[Introduction]Once again, the “May 1” holiday, many people go out to travel, and some gather with friends and family . whether it is travel, reunion, or work, food safety, health, nutrition can not be ignored.

銆€銆€Tourism diet pays attention to clean economy and travel, car meals are often less expensive, not only can not eat enough.

Most of the 鈥渞oadside restaurants鈥?along the way are also not optimistic about the health situation, and sometimes even 鈥渟laughter鈥?

Therefore, when you travel, you can prepare your own meals according to the length of the road.

You can bring enough cakes, fruits, milk, drinks and other convenient meals, and bring a cup.

銆€銆€I was asked by a university at the tourist attraction.

First, pay attention to “affordable”, you can eat at the fast food restaurant at the tourist spot; second, pay attention to “features”, many attractions have different characteristics of snacks and snacks, such as Shandong’s beef chop, Jiangxi’s frozen rice sugar, Sichuan’s spicy noodles. both saving money and early adopters, killing two birds with one stone.

銆€銆€Reunion dinners pay attention to the right people to gather together, eat a reunion dinner, is also an important part of the holiday.

And some diabetes, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease, often lead to temporary brain release, eat and drink.

Zhejiang hospital nutritionist experts remind: pay attention to the scientific and rational diet, to avoid aggravation of the disease.

銆€銆€How to eat in the face of rich scale?

Experts believe that you must not eat and drink too much, you can not eat more meat, eat less, some people think that meat is protein, and rice is diversified. Eating more meat will not cause blood sugar to rise.

In fact, the intake of the three major nutrients (sugar, protein, trace) has its own proportion, improper introduction ratio, it will also cause malnutrition, causing changes in blood sugar.

Conversely, if you eat less staple food every day, it can cause age ketosis.

Meat plasma, high in adulthood, is not suitable for cardiovascular patients.

Too much greasy food should not be taken too much, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach and cause various gastrointestinal diseases.

Therefore, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Experts are also particularly good at the replacement of staple foods should pay attention to the combination of coarse and fine grains, and advocate the appropriate eating of coarse grains.

There are also irritating foods such as wine, tea, coffee, etc. should also improve control.

銆€銆€According to clinical statistics, large holidays are the peak period of hypertension.

This is closely related to the tense life during the holiday season, improper diet and mood swings. Be especially careful.

銆€銆€Stressful work pays attention to diet and nutrition “May 1” overtime work should also pay attention to diet and nutrition, pay attention to work and rest.

Experts believe that you should pay attention to your diet.

“Therapeutic treatment is the best way to make up. People who work can adapt to their physique to enhance their physical fitness and improve their immunity through reasonable cumulative deployment.


Traditional Chinese medicine formula for hair care


Traditional Chinese medicine formula for hair care

Hair hydrating temptation herbs UP!

銆€銆€Why does my hair always need a partner like a wide-toothed comb?

Why is my hair always lifeless like hay?

In fact, the external care and internal care of the hair care real Kung Fu, Chinese medicine is still very reliable!

銆€銆€It is recommended to formulate 60 grams of chrysanthemum, vine, arborvitae, Chuanxiong, mulberry white, white peony, asarum, and Eclipta prostrata, each of which is smashed into coarse powder and used.

Each time you take 60 grams of medicine, add three bowls of water, fry until two bowls, use the syrup after the slag, once a day.

It can nourish the scalp and even the effect of hair growth.

銆€銆€Hair should also be bubble bath Chinese medicine bathing hair some hands, the active ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine can directly affect the skin tissue and hair, can directly achieve the role of hair care, health care treatment.

In addition, combined with massage during medication, fully promote the blood circulation of the hair, is also conducive to drug absorption.

銆€銆€鈼廤hite Hydrating Reason: White peony has the effect of hurricane, promoting blood circulation, moisturizing and relieving itching.

If you pay attention to the observation of many moisturizing herbal hair care products that are specifically designed for dry hair, you will find the name of the white peony in one of the main ingredients.

It is a veritable beautiful Chinese herbal medicine, because it not only has the effect of beauty and skin care, but also moisturizing hair is a “good hand”.

銆€銆€鈼?Chuanxiong hydration reason: Chuanxiong’s role in hair, if summarized in one sentence is: effective improvement, comprehensive nutrition.

Modern pharmacology proves that Chuanxiong can enlarge the capillaries of the head, promote blood circulation, increase the nutrition of the hair, increase the hair’s softness and not easy to become brittle, and can delay the growth of white and keep the hair lustrous.

銆€銆€鈼?Arid lotus grass moisturizing reason: As the name suggests, Eclipta prostrata is a herb that can make the lotus that has been drenched into a very moist, magical!

Eclipta prostrata is frequently used in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered to be one of the important drugs for moisturizing hair.

Modern research has found that the reason why Eclipta prostrata has the effect of hairdressing is attributed to the volatile oil, residual matter, saponin and vitamin A contained in it.

It is hair at all. If you feel that your eyebrows or eyelashes are not long enough and not dense enough, it will also have the effect of using the potion that it has been cooked.

銆€銆€Hair becomes moisturized – the side of internal adjustment 鈼?Danshen moisturizing reason: The main effect of Danshen is to promote blood circulation.

Because it is rich in vitamins and trace elements such as zinc, copper, iron, etc., it can promote the formation of hair melanin, and can also improve hair dryness caused by the lack of trace elements.

銆€銆€鈼?Chuanxiong hydration reason: Modern pharmacology proves that Chuanxiong can enlarge the capillaries of the head, promote blood circulation, increase hair nutrition, and the hair required has good flexibility and is not easy to become brittle, and can delay white growth and keepThe hair is lubricious.
銆€銆€Moisture reason: contains a variety of amino acids, betaine, folic acid, alkaloids and essential trace elements, which have the effect of expanding blood vessels, improving scalp nutrition and preventing yellow hair.

銆€銆€鈼廌anggui moisturizing reason: It has the effect of running blood, relieving pain and moisturizing.

It can expand the scalp and skin capillaries, promote blood circulation, and resist vitamin E deficiency. For example, Angelica shampoo formulated with returning extract can prevent hair loss, moisturize skin and hair, make hair turtle bright, and prevent yellow hair and white

銆€銆€鈼?Scorpion moisturizing reason: Contains vitamin A1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., especially vitamin A and C. As long as the hair is moist and shiny, it can prevent vitamins.And yellow hair caused by the lack of trace elements, white hair.

Because it can also promote the formation of hair melanin, it has a good effect on preventing hair loss.

There is a home decoration for the elderly.


There is a home decoration for the elderly.

According to “Popular Medicine”, the health department of Taiwan has analyzed the health information of 5,614 elderly people over the age of 65. The results show that 10.


1% of the elderly, the self-reported fell over the past year.

Among them, the proportion of elderly people falling in their homes is 44.


The three most common locations include the living room, bedroom and bathroom. The reason for the analysis is mostly related to the 鈥渙bstacle鈥?that the floor is too slippery to step on or touch the ground.

It is obvious that the proportion of elderly women who fall is 1 in men.

5-2 times.

Therefore, the problem of home decoration for the elderly should not only meet the health needs, but more importantly, adapt to the physiological characteristics of the elderly and ensure safety.

銆€銆€Keep in mind the four-point home improvement principle.

Design avoidance “corner” When choosing and designing the elderly room, try to reduce the obstacles for the walking activities of the elderly.

Less angular corners and pre-extensions, so as not to hurt the elderly with inconvenient legs and legs.


Color avoidance “Yan” From a scientific point of view, the color and light of the room, the coordination of the heat, can add fun to the elderly, and help to eliminate fatigue.

The color is too bright and beautiful, it will interfere with the nervous system of the elderly, making people feel upset.


The elderly who avoid the “noisy” in the living room love to be quiet. The most basic requirement of the home is that the sound insulation effect is good and is not affected by the outside world.


Do not place too many furnishings in the “multiple” room, which is both enlarged and delicate, and more importantly, increases the unsafe factor.

In addition, the furniture of the old bedroom should be as close to the wall as possible, and do not change the position frequently.

銆€銆€Meet the six major decoration details.

Toilet: Install handrails in showers, bathtubs, toilets and aisles to reset the safety of the elderly; try not to lock the door of the bathroom to facilitate rescuers; for families with conditions, install alarms at appropriate heightsSo that the family can find the problem in the first time.

In addition, when the elderly bathe, even if someone is accompanying, you must not close the bathroom doors and windows, you should leave a “life seam” to keep the air flowing.


Ground: The elderly often move slowly, enter the osteoporosis, and easily cause fracture after falling. Therefore, pay attention to the anti-skid measures on the ground; indoor floor, as little as possible, the door wall or the step with height difference should be installed, cork floor should be installed or non-slipFloor tiles; timely maintenance of the stairs, do anti-slip treatment; pay attention to the door, the front of the bathroom and the foot pad of the indoor stairs, it is best to fix the foot pad on the ground or stairs to prevent the occurrence of “roll angle”.


Beds and sofas: the bed height of the elderly should be appropriate, appropriate up and down; bedding requires better warmth, bed sheets, quilts are best to buy cotton material; old people are suitable to use a slightly hard mattress, or thicken the mattress on the hard bed boardSoft mattresses such as “spring bed” are particularly disadvantageous for patients with lumbar muscle strain and hyperosteogeny, often exacerbating symptoms.

Similarly, the sofa should not be too soft, otherwise the old man will be “deep in” and will not be able to move.


Doors and windows: It is best to use push-pull doors. When decorating, the lower track is embedded in the ground, and the height difference is formed to form obstacles. If the door is opened, it should be noted that about 50 cm of space is left on the wall above the handle; handles and switches of doors and windowsFor components, it is advisable to use a “stick” handle that is easy to handle. Try not to use a “spherical” handle; pay attention to the choice of doors and windows with good sound insulation and energy saving effect.


Lighting: The elderly are more diligent at night. In order to ensure the safety of the elderly at night, when the decoration is completed, a low-illumination long-light can be installed in the bedroom.


Switch: electrical, gas switch should be set in a conspicuous position, easy to control, simple; bathroom light switch preferably has night vision function, or choose a switch with light control, voice control function.

Five small tricks to eat out, no need to worry about getting fat


Five small tricks to eat out, no need to worry about getting fat

Don’t miss a meal at a specific time each day, and make sure to replace at least three to four small meals.

Every meal should contain enough grains, protein, vegetables and fruit.

Diet experts believe that if you eat less, it will reduce your body’s metabolic rate, and often lead to too much food in the next meal, which is not good for the body.

Balanced diets and sensible diet combinations should include vegetables, protein, grains, minerals, fruits and fish, and omega-3 fatty acids in fish to help prevent high blood pressure.

High-fiber foods, like beans and whole grains, can fill the stomach and transform.

We also recommend adding enough vitamin C every day. Eating an orange or a lemon is a good choice for vitamin C supplementation.

We can’t eat too much food, and we need to squint our eyes. We must look at the food on the plate, and don’t eat the seaweed.

Experts focus on the simplest way to get started with proper diet.

You can try a small plate for a meal, as long as it is not over, you can easily control the amount of food.

Ingesting more whole grains The most important thing about proper diet and weight loss is that fine cereals, oatmeal, whole wheat flour, crushed dry wheat and flour are good sources of staple food.

Reduced calorie content in whole grains and increased dietary fiber intake, thereby lowering blood cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Smart choice of snacks Research has pointed out that alternating sweets such as potato chips and chocolate will increase the conversion of transformation, which will cause appetite and lead to overeating.

Nutritionists recommend that there are also healthy ways to eat snacks, such as carrot sticks, dried fruit and fruit are good choices.