Open mouth yawning to drive away fatigue is really effective

Open mouth yawning to drive away fatigue is really effective

If a person often sits for a few hours or even hours, this often makes them tired.

Clinical studies have found that if a person is in a state of fatigue for a long time, his circulatory system, digestive system, and motor system will be affected.

  Over time, the disease will not be recruited.

So, how can we achieve fatigue damage?

Therefore, experts teach us a set of song tips, as long as you often exercise according to the methods in the song tips, you can recover from fatigue in time.

This set of song tactics is: open your mouth wide when yawning, rub your middle finger when you are sleepy, do n’t forget to move forward for a long time, and go back a hundred steps to practice your back.

  First, open your mouth wide when yawning.

  The brain is the body’s most sensitive organ to fatigue.

When a person is tired, his brain is in a state of hypoxia.

At this time, the brain will give instructions to someone to yawn to recover more oxygen and relieve the brain’s hypoxia.

  Clinical studies have found that a person yawns and absorbs five times as much oxygen as a normal breath.

Therefore, when you feel tired, you should force yourself to yawn a few times, and every time you yawn, you must try to open your mouth wide so that you can absorb more oxygen.

  This will improve the brain’s hypoxia and reactivate brain cells.

In addition, if people can give their head a simple massage with their fingers after each yawn, the effect will be better.

  Second, rub your middle finger when you are sleepy.

  After working for a long time, it is easy to become sleepy.

At this time, they can knead the tip of the middle finger of both hands to drive away the drowsiness.

The fingertips of the middle fingers of a person’s hands are Zhongchong points on the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Chinese medicine believes that this point is severely sensitive to pain.

If people knead this point when they are drowsy, it can refresh the brain.

The specific operation method is as follows: first knead the Zhongchong acupoint of the right hand with the left hand for 1 minute, then knead the Zhongchong acupoint of the left hand with the right hand for 1 minute, and then compare the pain of the two hands.

  Which hand has the most obvious pain, then knead the Zhongchong point of that hand (the pain in the hand is obvious, indicating that the limbs on this side are more tired), until the pain in the hands occursYou can stop kneading.

  Third, do not forget to move Berlin for a long time.

  According to survey data, 70% of all patients with shoulder diseases such as periarthritis are office workers.

It can be seen that the shoulder is the part of the office family that should focus on exercise.

Here are two simple shoulder exercises: 1.

The operator takes the best position, puts his legs together, and fists in both hands.

Stretch the left and right flats into a fork shape.

Bend your fists into your wrists and bend them until you reach the end, inhale, hold for 10 seconds, then suddenly release your fists while exhaling.

Can be repeated 20 times.

By doing this method to exercise the shoulders of the rehabilitation people, the muscles of the wrists are relaxed, which has a good effect on relieving the pain of the muscles of the shoulders and wrists.


The operator takes the best position and separates his legs parallel to the shoulders.

Wrap the face 10 times forward with the shoulder as the starting point, and 10 times backward.

The amplitude of the vertical circle should be large, and the movement may be slow to fast. It can be spaced for several seconds each time the direction is changed to reduce the impact on the shoulder caused by the steering.

A pair of forward and backward turns of 10 turns each as a group, can do 3 consecutive?
5 groups.

Using this method of exercise can make people’s shoulder joints get sufficient movement, which has a good effect on correcting diseases such as periarthritis.
  Fourth, go back and practice a hundred steps.
  The waist is the most tiring part of the human body.

After a long period of sitting, symptoms of back pain often occur.

Experts tell us that the best way to relieve back pain is to walk backwards.

Clinical studies have found that an adult doing 100 steps backwards on the lower back is equivalent to doing an overall broadcast gymnastics.

  This is because walking backwards can mobilize some muscles that usually can’t get the waist back, which can improve blood circulation.

Office people can directly exercise backwards in the office. Each step is a group of 10 steps. After each group, the direction is reversed, and 10 groups can be walked.

It should be noted that people must pay attention to safety when doing backward walking exercises to avoid falls.

Do not use mobile phone in elevator subway

Do not use mobile phone in elevator subway

It’s better to change the habit of making phone calls when taking the elevator or subway.

According to South Korea’s “Central Daily” report, a recent survey by the National Academy of Environmental Sciences of the Ministry of the Environment showed that dial-up mobile phones in elevators or subways are exposed to electromagnetic radiation many times higher than usual.

  Investigators have selected seven mobile phones sold in the Korean market and tested their electromagnetic radiation intensity in different usage environments. The results show that using a mobile phone in a fast-moving subway produces an average of zero.


The 06V / m (volts / meter, unit of electromagnetic radiation intensity) radiation is 6 times higher than the stopped state listed.

When using a mobile phone in an enclosed space such as an elevator, the intensity of electromagnetic radiation will rise to zero.


01V / m, on average about 15 times higher than the wide position outside the elevator, and the radiation is the strongest when the phone shows “connecting”.

Korean experts analyze that mobile phones will constantly search for signals when moving fast, and electromagnetic radiation will increase during this time.

Similarly, in a small, closed space such as an elevator, the mobile phone signal coverage is poor, and calling the mobile phone will also cause increased radiation.

Experts suggest that unless the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone is lower than the relevant standards, do not take it lightly, unless in emergency situations, try not to pick up the mobile phone in the subway or elevator; if you want to reduce the risk of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, you must minimizeWhen to call; do n’t keep your phone close to your ear when the signal is poor and you ca n’t hear.

Do you have the potential for success

Do you have the potential for success

Translation: I haven’t gone fishing for a long time, and finally got a part of this day. What place would you choose to fish?


Mountain stream 2.

On the coast 3.

Artificial fish pond 4.

Result analysis by boat to sea: 1.

Choosing the “brook in the valley” you have high vision and detailed work arrangements, and can reasonably arrange the itinerary after one month.

It is a pity that you are more conservative in your work, lack of impulse, and cannot devote yourself to it.


Choosing “Coastal” you are very pursuing a return on investment, and you can exchange the reduced investment for the amount of recovery you have. It has a promising perspective.


Choosing “artificial fish ponds” is full of confidence. You never fight unprepared battles, and have a strategic and tactical awareness.

But be careful: do n’t compete with others, it may be your failure.


Choosing “Go to the sea by boat” as soon as you work, you have an enthusiasm, like the thrill of riding the wind and breaking the waves, a desperate brain.

Self-speaking and slimming


Self-speaking and slimming

Have you heard about the mental slimming method?

Can you imagine slimming in self-speaking?

This is a kind of Self Talk (self-talking, self-talking) mental slimming method that is quite popular in Korea.

銆€銆€Advocates of these mental weight-loss methods believe that regardless of the way to lose weight, they must go through a process of mental thinning.

For example, you can’t easily lose weight by 2 kilograms in two weeks, but one night, in the face of a lot of food, your willingness to eat will be completely destroyed and collapsed, and one will not let go of your belly.When it’s over, the meat that has been reduced will return to you, and it will bring more “companions”. So many times, it quickly rebounded, saying that the result turned out to be a few pounds more than before the slimming.Come!

Therefore, keep in mind that slimming is not a physiological process, or a psychological process. Mental slimming is an indispensable compulsory course.

銆€銆€Self talk slimming method Step 4: Determine the content of Self talk To conduct Self talk, first determine the content of self-talk: you will flash in the mind of the last 2-3 seconds, or have carefully considered yourSlim down and record each item one by one, list a self-dialog table, read it carefully, and find out what you want and what you want to do.

銆€銆€* This kind of self-talk, self-suggestion can make me become positive and optimistic, is it beneficial to strengthen my slimming will?

Will it help to improve?

銆€銆€* Is the content of self-talking targeted?

銆€銆€* Does self-discussion involve all aspects of self-slimming?

銆€銆€After preliminarily organizing the content of the self-talk, the self-talk preparation activities are completed.

If you are struggling to do it yourself, you can ask a friend or a lover to help. Through the mirror of others, you will see yourself more clearly.

銆€銆€Step 2: Let the self-discussion bring a 180-degree turn. In the self-talk content you inserted in step 1, there must be something that you think is incorrect and you want to change. Write these ones in a small notebook, thenWrite the correct view at the back of each page that you think is distinct from the positive misconception.

For example, the frontal definition “I really can’t help, I can’t even reduce it by 2 kilograms.” The opposite side should write “No problem, just stick to it!”

I won’t lose 0 this week.

5 kg?

“This class should be clearly listed.

銆€銆€In the next 7 days, you read aloud or silently in the mirror every day.

Constantly cheering for yourself and encouraging.

The correct step talk content is easily absorbed by oneself, and the fundamental transformation of self-life habits and positive and optimistic slimming attitudes are formed in this day-to-day self-suggestion and self-reinforcement.

銆€銆€Step 3: Conduct self-talking about diets. Practice self-talking on diet as follows: * From now on, I must adjust and control my diet, otherwise I will be a self-deception liar.

銆€銆€* Did I eat the food that I am guilty of again?

銆€銆€*I can, it is easy for me not to eat snacks.

銆€銆€*I don’t always sweep the dishes, my stomach is not a food shelter.

銆€銆€* Cancel the food after 8 pm, why can’t I manage myself.

銆€銆€* My slimming plan is only one step away. Persistence is victory.

銆€銆€Step4: Turn the content of self-talk into action. You can record your self-talking, self-talking content, listen to it repeatedly, and record the tape with background music, which is good for accepting the content inside.

Repeated listening to make it part of your own slimming beliefs, even as part of your own language, will eventually become part of your own actions without knowing it.

銆€銆€If possible, audio tapes can be divided into different versions according to the characteristics of morning, day and night.

When you get out of bed, you should listen to the breakfast version, listen to the evening version before going to bed, listen to the daytime version of the content during the daytime work or dinner.

銆€銆€The Self talk slimming method is just a psychological adjustment, self-suggestion process. While listening to your self talk audio tape, you must use other effective slimming methods to match, so that the slimming effect will be more obvious.

銆€銆€The heart will act!

Act fast and take it!

Eight Faraherian Kidney Fitness Over Winter


Eight Faraherian Kidney Fitness Over Winter

After pulling the ear on the index finger, put the index finger, the thumb to pull the ear screen, the earlobe, pull from the inside to the outside, the technique is light to heavy, and the pulling force is not limited to pain, every time 3?
5 minutes.

This method can cure headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus and other diseases.

銆€銆€The hand-wound wheel method holds the empty fist in both hands, and pushes the back and forth along the ear wheel with the knees and the two fingers until the ear wheel is full of heat.

This method has brain, strong kidney, savvy, eyesight, can cause impotence, frequent urination, constipation, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, palpitation, chest tightness, headache, dizziness and other headaches.

銆€銆€Lifting the tip of the ear with both hands, the index finger pinch into the tip of the ear canal, lift up, lick, lick, pinch, rub 15?
20 times, making the local fever red.

This method has the effects of calming, relieving pain, clearing the brain and improving eyesight, reducing fever, anti-oxidation, and nourishing the kidney. It can prevent high blood pressure, insomnia, pharyngitis and skin diseases.

銆€銆€The two ears of the bullets are used to gently pinch the earlobes of both ears, and then rub them to redness and heat.

Then grab the earlobe down and relax.

Two or three times a day, 20 times each time.

This method can promote the blood circulation of the ear, strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist.

銆€銆€Double-handed ear method left hand over the top of the head to pull the right ear up dozens of times, then pull the left ear dozens of times with the right hand.

This exercise can promote the secretion of the submandibular gland, sublingual gland, relieve sore throat, and treat chronic pharyngitis.

銆€銆€Both hands cover the ear and cover the two ear lobes with both palms. The fingers hold the back of the skull and use the index finger to press the middle finger to hit 24 times. You can hear the sound of “rumbling”.

This stimulation can activate the kidneys, and has the effects of brain, eyesight and strong kidney.

銆€銆€After the whole ear massage method, the palm of the hand rubs the fever, and then massages the front of the ear backwards, then reversibly massages the back of the ear and massages 5 times repeatedly.
6 times.

This method can dredge the meridians and has a dual health effect on the kidneys and organs.

銆€銆€Use your hands to sweep your ears and sweep your ears forward from the back. You will hear a “beep” sound.

Every time 20 times, several times a day, once long-term adherence, will be able to strengthen the kidney fitness.

銆€銆€The above eight methods can be carried out according to the choices that each person needs, or single or several items. As long as they can be sustained, they will surely receive the desired results.

Anti-Autumn Dry can’t just drink water!


Eat more than half the effort for 4 kinds of food!

“Anti-Autumn Dry” can’t just drink water!
Eat more than half the effort for 4 kinds of food!

After the fall, the climate gradually turned cold, while the autumn was high and the air was dry, and the invasion of “autumn dryness” followed.

Lips dry tongue, chapped skin, hair changes, decreased immunity, a slight inadvertent respiratory infection or seasonal cold, the whole person feels bad.

Anti-autumn dryness, autumn dryness from 6 o’clock can lead to dry and chapped skin, hair loss, dry lips and so on.

To alleviate autumn dryness, TCM health can start from the following six aspects.

1, dry skin to moisturize the skin in the dry environment susceptible to itching or even chapped, then the initial is hydrating.

It is recommended to bring a bottle of moisturizing spray in your handbag, often spray a skin and keep it moist.

After bathing, apply body moisturizing lotion in time to reduce moisture loss.

2, a small amount of drinking water enough to reduce the humidity in autumn, skin, lips and throat epidermal cells are more likely to lose water, drinking water is the most direct method of hydration.

According to the recommendations of the Chinese Residents’ Budget Guide, young women who work as manual laborers drink at least 1,500 ml of water a day and 1700 ml of men. This is the minimum amount, which is 2000 per day.
3000 ml is fine.

Need to be reminded that drinking water is best to drink boiled water, a small number of times, do not “bulk drink” or wait for thirsty and then drink.

Drinking some water before going to bed can avoid the blood thickening caused by sweating, breathing, and loss of urine in the night; drinking water in the morning can replenish water in time.

3, to adjust the emotional anti-depression into the autumn, people witness the flower grass withered, the autumn leaves drifting, the heart will often feel the feeling of sad autumn.

Sad autumn will damage the lungs, cause damage to the body’s immune function, and pay attention to the key to spiritual adjustment.

At the same time, more sun, avoid or reduce the impact of autumn chill on the spirit.

4, Ziyin Runfei diet diet should be nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, anti-drying and yin-based, can eat pears, apples, grapes, bananas, radishes, lilies and green leafy vegetables to help prevent dryness, eat lessOnions, ginger, garlic, peppers and other spicy and violent things.

Duck meat, sea cucumber, etc. are good for moisturizing, chicken, pork, beef, pigeon meat and other flat products can also be eaten properly.

5, work and rest, moderately lack of folks, there is an old saying, “Summer has no disease, three points of deficiency”, after the handover of summer and autumn, people are extremely tired, fatigue, etc., leading to virtual deficiency, stomach deficiency, qi deficiency, autumn deficiency is compensation for summer humansThe protective response to consumption.

At this time, physical exercise should be carried out properly, such as walking and climbing.

The intensity should not be too large at the beginning, and the amount of exercise should be gradually increased.

Fully ensure that nighttime sleep is sufficient, and insist on a nap to achieve work and rest.

6, autumn and cold should also avoid the cold from the perspective of disease prevention and health care, step by step, moderate “autumn frozen”, can enhance heart and lung function, improve the body’s ability to resist cold.

However, if it is late autumn, the temperature has dropped significantly, still wearing thin pants, it is very vulnerable to cold stimulation, causing colds and other diseases, especially chronic bronchitis, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients, to increase in a timely mannerClothes, cold and warm.

Eat food, avoid autumn dryness, orange fruit and vegetable slow-drying carrots, colorful peppers, mangoes, etc. The orange beta fruits can be converted into vitamin A in the body, helping to maintain the metabolism of skin, lips and throat epithelial cells.To ease autumn dryness.

Oats, millet, sorghum, glutinous rice, red beans and other coarse grains of the grain and aleurone layer are also beneficial to the health of the B vitamins.

It is recommended to eat more miscellaneous grains or porridge, miscellaneous grains of soy milk or ground into whole grain powder. It is recommended that the proportion of coarse grains in staple foods should be 1/3 per day?

Milk soy milk should drink more milk, soy milk contains a lot of water and protein, it is best to drink 300 ml per day.

Drinking porridge can prevent autumn dryness, and soup water can not be ignored.

Usually kelp, yam, medlar, winter melon and ribs stew or fish soup can nourish moisturizing.

Nuts containing zinc-assisted nut residues are unsaturated fatty acids, which are the raw materials for synthesizing phospholipids on the surface of cell membranes. Phospholipids accumulate and the water in cells is not easily lost.

Pumpkin seeds, zinc in pecans also help prevent dry skin.

It is recommended to eat an original shelled nut every day to prevent excessive salt or sugar.

Because unsaturated fatty acids are easily oxidized and rancid, forming free radicals that accelerate aging and increase cancer risk, it is best to choose shells.

White food raises the lungs and the lungs are moist and dry, and the lungs are most likely to appear after the fall, causing problems such as coughing and phlegm.

Chinese medicine talks about white food in the lungs, so eat more white food in the fall.
Common cockroaches, white radish, winter melon can be into the soup; fresh lotus seeds can be eaten directly, or mixed with cold dishes; dried lotus seeds can be porridge; autumn pears make soup more moist lungs; iron stick yam can be porridge, ordinary yam directly to cook.