Pumpkin yam with food can delay aging and lower blood sugar

Pumpkin yam with food can delay aging and lower blood sugar

Eat a little bit of pumpkin Pumpkin is rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients, is a master of stomach digestion, its pectin can protect the irritation of rough food in the gastrointestinal tract, suitable for people with stomach problems.

In addition, pumpkin contains ingredients that can promote bile secretion, strengthen the body’s peristalsis, and help food digestion.

  There are almost no residues of yam and yam in anti-aging. The large amount of mucoprotein contained in it can prevent the slight deposition of the cardiovascular system, prevent arteriosclerosis, enhance the human immune function, and delay aging.

  Pumpkin with yam-assisted hypoglycemic pumpkin, peeled and sliced yam; put the pumpkin in oil in a wok, heat it, add the yam, cook it, and season it.

How much do you know about the four clinics of TCM?

How much do you know about the four clinics of TCM?

In Chinese classical novels, there is often a case where the Taiyi doctor “hangs the thread to diagnose the pulse” for the concubine, that is, one end of the silk thread is fixed to the pulse of the patient.

In this way, it is impossible to diagnose the disease correctly by this method alone.

  Because “smell” in the ancient text has both listening and smelling meanings, “smelling diagnosis” in Chinese medicine refers to measuring the condition of the disease by listening to the sound and smelling the disease gas.

In some cases, “smell” can even be used as the main basis for the diagnosis of disease, such as judging the true face of the disease based on the cough sounds of different characteristics, or dryness of the lungs (cough caused by dry climate), or lung failure (Vocal cord paralysis caused by wind sputum), or lung damage (long-term cough injury to the lungs, such as tuberculosis, laryngeal tuberculosis, etc.).

  Even when they consult, people are no stranger.

Whether it is Chinese or Western medicine, patients will be asked about their subjective feelings, onset of illness, lifestyle habits, and past medical history.

During the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Jingyue summed up his predecessor’s consultation experience, and summarized the content of the consultation into a “ten questions song”. Later generations modified and supplemented it, making it a reference model for traditional Chinese medicine consultation.

  Around the beginning of the 11th century, the TCM pulse-diagnosis method was introduced to Arabia.

  The diagnosis obtained by integrating the information obtained by the four clinics can be called “diagnosis”.

This is also the process of “differentiation” in the law of “differentiation and treatment”.

The main point is to distinguish the yin, yang, surface, inner, cold, heat, deficiency, and reality of the disease, which is called the “eight outlines”, and the “outline” of the eight outlines is just the word yin and yang.

As long as this basic attribute of the disease is judged correctly, there will be no major mistake in treating it accordingly.

  In Chinese classical novels, there is often a case where the Taiyi doctor “hangs the thread to diagnose the pulse” for the concubine, that is, one end of the silk thread is fixed to the pulse of the patient.
In this way, it is impossible to diagnose the disease correctly by this method alone.

  However, in the face of intricate disease manifestations, it is not easy to really achieve this.

For example, in the face of a patient with right heart failure that causes pulmonary circulation disorders, fluid leakage, and secondary pulmonary inflammation and fever, the method of treating colds and clearing and detoxifying pneumonia is absolutely ineffective, only when the “false fever” is recognizedAfter the essence of “True Cold”, bold use of heart-strengthening medicine can fully exert the effects of circulation improvement, exudation and absorption, and inflammation and fever.

The first western medicine to deal with such patients, in addition to using antibiotics, will also be used to strengthen the heart, diuretic, potassium supplement drugs.

From this point of view, there is no absolutely insurmountable gap between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.

Eat 5 coarse grains with great skin changes

Eat 5 coarse grains with great skin changes

Corn is recognized as the “golden crop” in the world. Its cellulose is 4-10 times higher than that of polished rice and refined flour.

And cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, can exclude factors of colorectal cancer, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease.

  Mung bean tastes sweet and cold, diuretic and swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst; buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” that other grains do not have. Its vitamins B1 and B2 are more hydroxyl than wheat, and niacin is 3-4 times.

At the same time, niacin and rutin contained in buckwheat are medicines for treating hypertension.

Regular consumption of buckwheat is also effective for diabetes.

  Fresh coarse rice is more beneficial to health than polished rice, because the more refined the food is, the more vitamins, protein and cellulose are lost.

  The large amount of moisture in coarse grains directly brings benefits to the skin. For example, the cellulose in coarse grains accelerates intestinal peristalsis, promotes defecation and detoxification, and reduces skin diseases such as acne. Coarse grains have diuretic swelling to make the skin delicate and even. For the skin, beansAnd vitamin E in nuts, which can help antioxidants and eliminate free radicals, is an angel protecting the skin; especially coarse grains also contain a large amount of magnesium, which can promote the excretion of body waste and have the effect of weight loss, which also guarantees skin fitnessThe essential.

  Ms. Aimei, middle-aged people with “three high” symptoms, long-term constipation, long-term office sitting, contact with a computer to target the family, and people who eat dinner even eat more coarse grains.

Especially summer is rich in fruits and vegetables, coarse grains can be tired, it is more appropriate to eat more.

For example, you can eat more fruits during the day and multi-grain porridge for dinner.

If you stick to it for a summer, your skin will definitely improve.

  However, it should be noted that coarse grains generally have the disadvantages of poor sensory and poor absorption. This problem can be solved by cooking coarse grains or mixing them with fine grains.

Elderly people with poor long-term function (over 60 years old) and children with impaired digestive function should eat less coarse grains and eat coarse grains carefully.

Patients with chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, and acute gastroenteritis have soft food requirements, so avoid eating coarse grains;

Summer health should be calm and free of heat


Summer health should be calm and free of heat

The yang in the summer is full of yang, and the season is full of vitality. We should adapt to this seasonal feature.

銆€銆€Tune the spirit: summer health is focused on spiritual adjustment, to maintain a happy and stable mood, to be peaceful and happy, to avoid heat, and to avoid great sorrow, so as not to help the heat, the fire.

銆€銆€Skillful exercise: It is advisable to use the beneficial cultural and sports activities to move the muscles and bones, regulate the blood and maintain the yang.

Exercise should be gradual, strictly control the amount of exercise, not excessive fatigue.

銆€銆€Careful living: Everything in the natural world grows vigorously in summer, and the living should be adjusted later. For example, get up early in the morning, wash and walk in the quiet place above, jog, and breathe fresh air.

In the afternoon, you can make up your sleep according to your personal situation. At noon, your body has a large amount of heat, and you can sleep after lunch. After a short nap, you can avoid the peak of heatstroke and supplement your lack of sleep at night.

銆€銆€Don’t be greedy: you should be cool in science and avoid summer.

Insufficient yang in the elderly, such as long-term blowing on the fan or living in the air-conditioned room for a long time, will feel dizzy, tired limbs, mental sleepiness, and more likely to cause complications such as cold and cold.

銆€銆€Diet: The summer weather is hot and humid, you should pay attention to diet adjustment, don’t eat very much, and eat too much.

Also avoid extreme thirst and drink later, drink too much.

銆€銆€Diet and health should be light summer diet should be light, less fat and sweet, eat more legumes, such as mung beans, red beans, lentils, soy products, etc., to relieve heat and dampness, spleen and kidney.

Summer diet should also pay attention to anti-poisoning, summer bacteria rapid reproduction, food is easy to corrupt, 70% of food poisoning occurs in the summer, should be careful to avoid abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

銆€銆€Exercise health should be cool and the summer climate is hot, the human body is floating outside, easy to feel the summer evil.

Therefore, summer exercise should avoid summer heat and choose a cool environment.

It is not advisable to travel long distances in heat and heat, so as not to hurt the gas.

You can choose to practice Chinese medicine in the cooler place sooner or later, or stroll along the banks of the river, or walk in the lush gardens. In short, you should be close to nature. You can’t just be in the air-conditioned gym because you are afraid of heat.The harvest of sports in nature cannot be divided by indoor sports.

銆€銆€Emotional health should be quiet and summer heat, people are easy to be restless, angry and angry.

First of all, to calm the mood, avoid irritability and not self-control, because of the heat, the heart is endogenous.

To make your mood look like a clear and calm lake, “stay quietly and don’t stop” to avoid causing illness due to lack of emotional sentiment.

It is also advisable to adapt to the characteristics of 鈥渘othing to be tired of the day鈥? It is a long and hot summer, and it hurts people, it is easy to get tired, and it is easy to get tired.

Those who are good at health care need to conform to the characteristics of the strong yang in the summer, to revitalize the spirit, not to be bored, to make the gas vent, and to avoid stagnation.

The so-called “to make aspirations without anger” is to pay attention to the adjustment of emotions, because of the turmoil and irritability of the things; the so-called “to make the gas vent, if it is outside”, that is, the venting of qi and peace, smooth, as its placeIt is as comfortable as it is outside.

Health in the summer, adjust the emotions first, should maintain a calm and quiet state of mind, do not be surprised, do not mess things, everything goes with the flow, restless.

Psychological test: do you also have obsessive-compulsive disorder

Psychological test: do you also have obsessive-compulsive disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is slowly caused by us. Many people now say that they have obsessive-compulsive disorder, but the understanding of this disease is only too one-sided. Let us pass a test to see if you also have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The specific rules are as follows: “No” is 0 points; “Very light” is 1 point; “Medium” is 2 points; “Strong” is 3 points; “Severe” is 4 points.


Contradictory ideas or words circle in your head; 2.

Great forgetfulness; 3.

Worry about your clothes being untidy and unethical; 4.

Find it difficult to complete the task; 5.

Do things slowly to ensure they are done correctly; 6.

Work must be checked repeatedly; 7.

Difficult to make decisions; 8.

Think again and again about meaningless things; 9.

Can’t concentrate; 10.

Must wash hands repeatedly and count; 11.

Repeatedly make a meaningless action; 12.

Often suspected of being contaminated; 13.

Always worry about loved ones and make meaningless associations; 14.

Uncontrollable antithetical thinking, ideas.

  Analysis of test results: a breakthrough will be added together, and those with a total score of more than 20 should consider the possibility of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

What is the essence of Tai Chi?


What is the essence of Tai Chi?

Taijiquan is used here to refer to the boxing rack and does not involve martial arts.

銆€銆€Tai Chi is a derivative of Tai Chi, not equal to Tai Chi.

The movement of Tai Chi is only a kind of “Tai Chi” movement, not the other movements or all of “Tai Chi”.

銆€銆€Tai Chi is a physique and a physical sport.

Therefore, the teaching of Tai Chi Chuan can not only speak about shape, not quality.

It is necessary to talk about shape and quality, and to achieve both form and quality.

This issue should be summed up from the historical summary of Taijiquan.

銆€銆€Wang Zongyue, the Taijiquan master, said in his opening book “Tai Chi Chuan”: “The Taiji, the Promise, the movement, the mother of yin and yang, the movement is divided (open), the static is combined.”

This passage has multiple meanings.

Among them, “the move is open, the quiet is combined” is the highest ingenious summary of Taijiquan, and it is necessary to dialectically understand these two sentences.

銆€銆€The essence of Tai Chi Chuan is “dial to open, quiet and harmonious”, dialectical understanding, that is, movement and static, opening and closing and their changes are all unity of opposites.

That is, “there is static in the movement”, “there is movement in the static”, and the movement is balanced and unified.

The opening and closing reflects the movement, “opening in the middle of the joint”, “combining in the middle”, opening and closing balance.

The moving entity, “moving is real”, “quiet is virtual”, but also “reality is virtual”, “reality is real”, real and virtual balance is unified (the following is static, real, open and close, all must beunderstanding).

Only the virtual and real movements can balance and unify, and the unified virtual and real transformation can mutually connect one after another, and alternately and repeatedly become a Taijiquan process.

The ancestors boxer said: “The real opening and closing is for the boxing,” “the classics are unchanged.”

According to the “Contradictory Theory”, “virtual and virtual opening and closing” is a “special point” that distinguishes Taijiquan from other things that have something in common, that is, “special essence.”

Tai Chi is a derivative of Tai Chi, not equal to Tai Chi.

The “motion and quiet” of Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of “Tai Chi” movement, not the “Taichi” movement.

When interpreting Tai Chi, don’t forget the “special essence” of Tai Chi.

銆€銆€Taijiquan’s tactics are “intentional: using nerves and imagination”, slowly and evenly, and continually stalking, “intentional shape and follow”, that is, the movement of Taijiquan.

This movement is a dynamic and dynamic opening and closing and its changes, and “moving the right to open”, “quiet and then”, become a set of decisive conditions for Tai Chi.

Without this condition, there would be no Tai Chi.

銆€銆€The shape of Taijiquan is the result of the combination of “moving and then opening” and “quietness and harmony”, connecting each other (moving and static connection, opening and closing), during the multiple cycles, the synthesis is “squeezing”, picking the elbows, advancing and retreating, and waiting for a set of Taijiquan opening and closing two postures.

This is the process of the formation of Tai Chi.

The specific process is as follows, the static and dynamic opening and closing with “waist ridge dominated.”

1 “Intentional not to use force”, from the inside of the lumbar spine, the spirits of the drums, across the movement, slow and even, the knots, “intentional shape with”, moved to the body and limbs, is open.

The upper limbs are curved to expand or contract.

At the same time, the lower limbs progress, retreat, or raise one foot, are the “fixed”.

The beginning of the 24 style boxing, the wild horses splitting, and the squeezing of the squatting presses are all the “fixed”.

Between the “fixed”, it is the combination, opening or reopening, and other actions.

This is the process of “opening the movement” to become the posture movement.

This movement is from the inside to the outside, from the inside and the table, around the body, both moving, all open, all true.

Take the palm of the hand as an example, that is, the palm refers to the slight Shuping, not hard and not stiff, that is, it is real, “there is a virtual reality”, so the whole body.

2 “Intentional no effort”, from the body and the extremities of the limbs to calm up (there is movement in the static, static also moving), the spirit is loose, slow and even, the knots are stalked, “intentional shape with”, quiet back to the inside of the lumbar spine,It is a combination.

The upper limbs are curved from the outside to the inside, while the lower limbs are closed, followed by the steps, and the raised feet are all the “fixed”.

The hand-swinging of the 24-type boxing, the double-peaking of the ears, the squeezing of the squeezing press, etc. are all the “fixed”.

Between the “fixed”.It is open, closed or re-opened, open, etc.

This is the “quietness and harmony”, which becomes the process of the posture movement.

This static is from the outside to the inside, from the table and the inside, the week around the body, all static, all together, are virtual, with the palm of the hand as an example, the palm is slightly loose, not soft and unremitting, that is, virtual, “virtualReally, the whole body is so.”

“Move it’s open” and “Silence of it”, it is such a composition of Tai Chi, 24 type, 88 type and other Tai Chi, this is the case, but the length of the process, the opening and closing posture action is different.

銆€銆€Taijiquan is the movement and balance of Taijiquan. It is “there is a static in the movement” and “there is a movement in the static”.

The opening and closing reflects the movement and is “opening in the middle of the joint” and “opening the middle and opening”, and the opening and closing balance is unified (the real virtual can also be).

Squeeze and wait for all posture movements, all of which are open and close. The potentials are “opening and closing”, “combining with the middle”, the opening and closing balance is unified, the potential reflects “there is static in the movement”, “there is a staticMovement”, dynamic and unified.
This dynamic balance has become the rule of Tai Chi.

This law penetrates the taiji process all the time until the end of a set of punches.

Rules are the norms of practice. Knowing the rules, we know that the correctness and inferiority of posture movements are appropriate, and the norms are in place.

Both quality and deputy can be used to obtain the magical effect of Taijiquan’s disease and physical strength.

Learn to practice Taijiquan to achieve the same form, balance and balance, then enter the room and enter the Taijiquan Hall.

Natural painkiller food

Natural “painkiller” food

When a certain part of the body is dull, it is not necessary to take a painkiller. After all, it is a three-point drug, but it is not good. What should I do?
In fact, some foods are natural “painkillers.”
銆€銆€Coffee cures headaches Caffeine can cause cells to receive no pain signals, which reduces pain.
So many common painkillers, such as aspirin, add some caffeine to enhance the effect.
But for those who don’t leave their hands every day, it can cause pain.
銆€銆€Fish oil can reduce inflammation. Arthritis, headache, etc. are all manifestations of inflammation in the body.
A large number of studies have found that fatty acid-rich fish oil can treat rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, etc., and relieve pain.
銆€銆€Raspberrys are as effective as aspirin. Fruits of cherries and berries have amazing anti-inflammatory effects and act like analgesics such as aspirin.
American studies have found that cherry, strawberry, blackberry, etc. have similar effects.
銆€銆€Ginger and pepper and other spices are natural analgesics. In recent years, ginger has attracted much attention because of soothing pain and assisting in the treatment of arthritis. In fact, ginger has been used to treat rheumatism and arthritis very early in traditional medicines in India.
Capsaicin in pepper can prevent pain messages from reaching the central nervous system, reducing pain and can be used to control pain such as headache, neuralgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
In addition, there is a substance in the pepper, “salate,” which is the component of the painkiller aspirin.

How do the elderly in the summer maintain?

锘縀at this “five melons”

How do the elderly in the summer maintain?
Eat this “five melons”

The weather is hot in summer, what do the elderly want to eat?
The original temperature rises people’s appetite is not good, the heat is very heavy, it is easy to heatstroke, get angry.
Let’s take a look at the small series to see what the old man wants to eat in the summer!
銆€銆€The elderly in the summer advocate to eat “five melons”: cucumber, watermelon, melon, bitter gourd, loofah.
銆€銆€Cucumber Cucumber is sweet and flat, with obvious effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, and promoting thirst.
Cucumber, crisp and delicious, can help digestion and provide sufficient water.
The water content of cucumber is as high as 97%, suitable for all ages. What is more valuable is that cucumber also contains nutrients that help fight cancer.
Older people eat cucumber in summer, safe and healthy.
銆€銆€Watermelon In the summer, the elderly eat watermelon to help lower blood pressure and control healthy blood pressure. In addition, watermelon is also rich in multivitamins, which can resist oxidation, enhance immunity, prevent cell damage, and promote healthy teeth and gums.
Watermelon also contains a lot of thiamine, magnesium and potassium. If the elderly at home are not willing to eat spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables, watermelon will be a very healthy substitute and more efficient.
銆€銆€Winter melon Winter melon has a good heat-clearing effect.
Eat more winter melon in the summer, not only quench your thirst to cool off, diuretic, but also make people avoid acne.
It contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body to regulate the body’s metabolic balance.
Most people can eat it.
It is especially suitable for people with kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.
銆€銆€Bitter gourd bitter gourd is delicious and delicious because of its bitter taste.
It is regarded as a rare therapeutic food.
Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd is bitter, cold, and can clear the heat.
The bitter taste of bitter gourd can stimulate the body’s saliva after eating, and the secretion of gastric juice increases appetite, clearing heat and preventing heatstroke.
Therefore, the elderly in the summer to eat more bitter gourd can not only increase appetite, but also heat and heatstroke, lowering blood sugar.
銆€銆€Loofah Loofah is a cool food, “Compendium of Materia Medica” says it is “clear and warm”, which means that loofah has the effect of clearing heat and laxative.
In addition to clearing away heat and detoxification, loofah also has the effects of collaterals, phlegm and dispersal, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly women, and often eats a little anti-proliferative breast disease.