Eat 5 coarse grains with great skin changes

Eat 5 coarse grains with great skin changes

Corn is recognized as the “golden crop” in the world. Its cellulose is 4-10 times higher than that of polished rice and refined flour.

And cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, can exclude factors of colorectal cancer, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease.

  Mung bean tastes sweet and cold, diuretic and swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst; buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” that other grains do not have. Its vitamins B1 and B2 are more hydroxyl than wheat, and niacin is 3-4 times.

At the same time, niacin and rutin contained in buckwheat are medicines for treating hypertension.

Regular consumption of buckwheat is also effective for diabetes.

  Fresh coarse rice is more beneficial to health than polished rice, because the more refined the food is, the more vitamins, protein and cellulose are lost.

  The large amount of moisture in coarse grains directly brings benefits to the skin. For example, the cellulose in coarse grains accelerates intestinal peristalsis, promotes defecation and detoxification, and reduces skin diseases such as acne. Coarse grains have diuretic swelling to make the skin delicate and even. For the skin, beansAnd vitamin E in nuts, which can help antioxidants and eliminate free radicals, is an angel protecting the skin; especially coarse grains also contain a large amount of magnesium, which can promote the excretion of body waste and have the effect of weight loss, which also guarantees skin fitnessThe essential.

  Ms. Aimei, middle-aged people with “three high” symptoms, long-term constipation, long-term office sitting, contact with a computer to target the family, and people who eat dinner even eat more coarse grains.

Especially summer is rich in fruits and vegetables, coarse grains can be tired, it is more appropriate to eat more.

For example, you can eat more fruits during the day and multi-grain porridge for dinner.

If you stick to it for a summer, your skin will definitely improve.

  However, it should be noted that coarse grains generally have the disadvantages of poor sensory and poor absorption. This problem can be solved by cooking coarse grains or mixing them with fine grains.

Elderly people with poor long-term function (over 60 years old) and children with impaired digestive function should eat less coarse grains and eat coarse grains carefully.

Patients with chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, and acute gastroenteritis have soft food requirements, so avoid eating coarse grains;

Peel the skin in time to make him fall in love with your hands_1

Peel the skin in time to make him fall in love with your hands

Guide: Silently holding hands is an important ceremony for many couples to formally leap over friends. The first time the lovers are not satisfied, the first time is not to communicate with the eyes, words, or even skin-blindness.

Your soft and smooth skin on your hands and your tidy nails are clearly expressing to him. You take yourself very seriously, and you are equally serious about this relationship.

  The sebaceous glands in both hands are rarely distributed, there is not enough oil secretion, the stratum corneum is about one pair thicker than the face, and it is easy to appear old, such as rough, opaque, dull, dry, muscle lines, and always exposed.The frankness in this is not to bear the illusion that makeup can be piled up. You have to be brave to express yourself in real life.

  What you need to know about holding hands in love: ● Computer families who often hit the keyboard are prone to deepening hand patterns and protruding finger joints.

This set of finger exercises must be learned: bend your elbows, palms outward, and let your fingers bend slightly until they touch your palms.

Hold your finger for 10 seconds, gradually apply force, then straighten your finger and repeat 5 times.

Put your hands on your chest, hold your fingers lightly, and raise your elbow to the ground parallel. The hand holding the fingertips tries to relax, and gently pull the other hand for 5 seconds. Relax and change hands.

Repeat 5 times to strengthen joint tenacity.

  ● Please take more foods rich in vitamins A, E and zinc, selenium, and calcium. On the contrary, heavy salt and spicy spicy foods will cause your hands to swell, and tendons will become obvious.

  ● When exercising outdoors, apply sunscreen to your face, and do n’t forget to apply sunscreen on your hands. The sun will accelerate the loss of skin moisture, make your hands dry and rough, and easily cause stains.Cream is a good choice for daily maintenance.

  ● Glycerin, minerals, natural collagen and vitamin E hand cream has a good effect on preventing dryness and roughness.

  ● Nail is dead horny and cannot absorb maintenance ingredients, so whether it is hand cream or nail oil, it is not applied to the nail, but absorbed by the edge of the nail seam. This will not only soften dead skin, but also promote new nails.Health.

Apply massage oil on the edge of the nails and massage in a spiral shape for a few minutes, which can promote blood circulation on the nail surface.

  ● At least every two weeks, soften the carpel (that is, the hard skin around the fingers), push away the excess dead skin and cut it off, which can make the nails grow healthier.

When the nail is barbed because it is too dry, don’t tear it carefully, you must use special scissors to clean it, so that it can be completely removed in the direction of growth.

  ● When choosing de-glazed water, be careful not to buy products containing acetone (excluding acetone), which will cause the nails to be fragile and brittle, without gloss.

  Tips for love: Even if he cooks soup for his beloved, remember to put on gloves before touching detergents, soaps and other alkaline substances.

Of course, you can also tell him, in order to keep your hands smooth and cute, ask him to wash the dishes.

  1 OLAY Newborn Moisturizing Hand Cream 30 yuan / 100g with anti-aging formula, effectively improve hand dry lines and increase elasticity.

The skin is fine and can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

  2 Estee Lauder Platinum Firming and Spot Repairing Hand Cream 650 yuan / 100ml precious anti-aging factor and freckle factor, which can reduce the spots on the back of the hand while tightening and moisturizing, so that both hands can also enjoy the luxury of the face.

  3 Sephora Nutritional Hand Cream SPF10 49 yuan / 50ml Specially added anti-UVA and anti-UVB ingredients, can prevent sun damage, and alleviate the aging of the skin on the hands.

Do not use mobile phone in elevator subway

Do not use mobile phone in elevator subway

It’s better to change the habit of making phone calls when taking the elevator or subway.

According to South Korea’s “Central Daily” report, a recent survey by the National Academy of Environmental Sciences of the Ministry of the Environment showed that dial-up mobile phones in elevators or subways are exposed to electromagnetic radiation many times higher than usual.

  Investigators have selected seven mobile phones sold in the Korean market and tested their electromagnetic radiation intensity in different usage environments. The results show that using a mobile phone in a fast-moving subway produces an average of zero.


The 06V / m (volts / meter, unit of electromagnetic radiation intensity) radiation is 6 times higher than the stopped state listed.

When using a mobile phone in an enclosed space such as an elevator, the intensity of electromagnetic radiation will rise to zero.


01V / m, on average about 15 times higher than the wide position outside the elevator, and the radiation is the strongest when the phone shows “connecting”.

Korean experts analyze that mobile phones will constantly search for signals when moving fast, and electromagnetic radiation will increase during this time.

Similarly, in a small, closed space such as an elevator, the mobile phone signal coverage is poor, and calling the mobile phone will also cause increased radiation.

Experts suggest that unless the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone is lower than the relevant standards, do not take it lightly, unless in emergency situations, try not to pick up the mobile phone in the subway or elevator; if you want to reduce the risk of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, you must minimizeWhen to call; do n’t keep your phone close to your ear when the signal is poor and you ca n’t hear.

Overcoming Heart Disease with Yoga

Overcoming Heart Disease with Yoga

Coronary heart disease / arterial disease or CAD, they are actually referring to myocardial disease caused by insufficient oxygen supply.

This happens when the arteries contract due to the effects of platelets (a semi-solid latex of LDP and calcium).

Because the channels that carry oxygen are contracted, the heart has to pump harder and pump more blood, which in turn shrinks itself.

  Before we discuss the benefits of yoga for high blood pressure and yoga posture for heart health, let’s explore the causes and various ways of heart disease and how yoga can help prevent and improve heart disease.

  The formation of platelets inside the heart’s coronary arteries causes them to harden, also known as arteriosclerosis.

Hypertension, smoking and high cholesterol all contribute to arteriosclerosis.

CAD has developed over a long period of time.

Because it takes a long time to form, people generally know that its symptoms are only around 50 years old.

Chest pain (angina pectoris) and shortness of breath are common features of CAD.

Unfortunately, for many people, crime is likely to be the first sign of CAD.

  What people are affected by CAD?

  The survey found that men and women of all ages may be affected by CAD.

However, in general, men are at greater risk after the age of 45, while women are after the age of 55 (after menopause).

Surveys show that among people over the age of 50, 50% of men die from CAD-induced heart disease, compared with 63% of women.

Those with a family history of illness are more likely to be affected at an earlier age.

  Risk factors for coronary artery disease Smoking, hypertension, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, 240 mg / dL and above are all risk factors.

Heredity is also an important risk factor.

  How does yoga work in the fight against heart disease?

  A study published in the Journal of the Indian Physicians Association (JAPI) establishes the theory that cardiovascular reversals are possible through the practice of yoga.

One study consisted of 71 patients (study group) with proven disease and another 42 were affiliated.

The results of the final study showed that total serum plasma levels were reduced by 23 in the trained patients.

3%, the disease improved by 43.

At 7%, the rate of disease development has also decreased by 46.


There has also been a noticeable improvement in patient concerns.

The adopted yoga practice methods, including the sedation method and the stimulation method, have obvious effects, leading to a decrease in serum insulin levels, LDL, and triglyceride levels.

  Practicing Yoga to Keep Your Heart Healthy The idea that yoga can help treat heart disease has been around for a long time.

Recently, multiple studies have shown that yoga can significantly alleviate various symptoms of coronary artery disease, and yoga has been better innovated.

  Holy Light Breath Adjusting Method Holy Light Breath Adjusting Method is a breath-adjusting technique.

Holy Light Breath Control requires you to breathe quickly and alternately, while being able to soberly control the movement of division.

This allows the entire respiratory system to be exercised, thereby recovering a large amount of oxygen in a short time.

This also ensures that more blood can reach the cardiovascular muscles (no matter how many are replaced), thereby solving the most important trouble.

  Yoga mountain-mountain yoga starts from the previous, so a fully balanced orientation pose is the foundation of all mountain-style yoga.

The heels and thumbs of the two feet are moved closer to each other, and the weight is finally balanced on the cheekbones, and then the toes of each foot are separated.

Tighten and lift the abdominal muscles, implant the bones, femurs and temples.

Contract the stomach, stretch the chest, implant and spine.

Spread your fingers and hold your arms upright to keep them stiff.

Can’t sleep at night with 5 fruits to help you fall asleep

Can’t sleep at night with 5 fruits to help you fall asleep

Everyone knows that sleep is an active process of the human body, which can restore the spirit and relieve fatigue.

However, for various reasons, too many people are more or less perfused with insomnia.

Many people find it difficult to fall asleep, so what can help sleep?

The following 5 kinds of fruits can help you with insomnia!

… This fruit has a sleep-improving effect. Grape grapes replace melatonin, a substance that helps sleep.

Melatonin is a substance excreted by the pineal gland in the brain and has a close relationship with sleeping.

Eating grapes before bed can help to regulate the sleep cycle and improve the abnormal sleeping condition.

  Longan has certain nutritional effects on brain cells, and can make sedative, soothing, nourishing, anti-aging and other effects.

15 grams of longan meat and 100 grams of glutinous rice. Cook a bowl of longan meat porridge and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning or before bedtime.

  Kiwifruit Kiwifruit has rich calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, which is helpful for the composition, transmission and transformation of nerve-conducting substances. It can also replace the extremely rare calcium in other fruits.

Some people say that 2 more kiwis a day can greatly improve sleep quality.

  Banana Bananas cause human vitamin B6 and exciting serotonin. Bananas can be used to treat depression and emotional upset because it can promote the secretion of endorphins by the brain.

It can relieve tension and tension, improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue.

  Apple apple toxic sugars, pectin, protein, malic acid, quinic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, carotene, vitamin b group, vitamin c, potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other elements.

  The aromatics contain 92% alcohols and 6% carbonyl compounds.

The rich aroma of apples has a strong cooling effect on human nerves and can make people sleep.

More than 60% of men are under psychological stress

More than 60% of men are under psychological stress

A psychological survey of 300 adult males recently conducted by the Tianjin Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Center showed that more than 60% of males, especially middle-aged males, have psychological problems.

Experts believe that society, work units and families must care about and take care of male physical and mental health.

At the same time, men should treat their psychological problems correctly, pay attention to strengthening protection, and avoid turning small problems into big problems.

  Relevant psychologists believe that the public’s expectations for men are too high. Parents want their sons, their wives want their husbands, and their children want their fathers. Jackie Chan gradually accelerates the pace of life and is full of competitive work pressures, which has become the bane of urban male mental illness.

Traditional wisdom holds that men can only be recognized if they succeed in their careers.

If they do not work well, or if there are temporary setbacks, they will be particularly stressed.

  In addition, in the accepted standards, men are strong and should bear everything, and the result will inevitably affect their physical health.

After some men have psychological stress, they often use some unhealthy ways to relieve their distress, such as smoking, drinking, driving fast, playing video games crazy, etc. As a result, the stress has not been relieved, but it has affected physical health.

  According to psychologists, men’s psychological stress is mainly manifested as follows: one is the fear of losing physical health; the second is that many men are afraid of problems in their careers and work; the third is the need for men to decline their physical strength and weaken their sexual abilityStronger than women; Fourth, many men often worry about being abandoned.

  Therefore, it is important to give men sustainable psychological “nutrition”.

Psychologist Yuan Xin told reporters that the most important spiritual “nutrient” is love first; second is venting and channeling; third is strong beliefs and ideals; fourth is tolerance.

Beards are bad for your health

Beards are bad for your health

In bustling streets, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and lead emitted from automobile exhaust are also easily adsorbed by beards. These harmful substances may be converted into human breath and sucked back into the respiratory tract, endangering human health.

  You may love beard-bearing, thinking that it can increase the grace of people.

However, experts from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have found that beard storage is harmful to human health.

  There are dozens of harmful substances in the air exchanged by beards, including carbonic acid, benzene, toluene, hydrosulfide, acetic acid, ammonia, etc.

For those who smoke, the situation is particularly serious, and carcinogens such as benzopyrene contained in the smoke will also stay on the beards.

In addition, on the bustling streets, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and lead from car exhaust are also easily adsorbed by beards.

These harmful substances may be sucked back into the respiratory tract and endanger human health.

  Studies have also found that long beards have increased secretion of oil on the epidermis, which is often more difficult to wash off when washing faces with water.

And grease has the characteristics of dust and microorganisms.

Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson is a subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb.

As the world’s nutrition authority, we have been committed to creating a good start for the growth of infants and young children.

In 1993, Mead Johnson’s headquarters in China was established.

Adhering to the consistent “life health road, taking care of each step”, Mead Johnson Nutrition (China) Co., Ltd. not only produces high-quality nutrition products from pregnancy to childhood, but also promotes the development of nutrition and health care for infants and young children in China, and supports the screening of newborns.Inspecting work, providing special formula milk powder for benzoateuria babies and premature babies, and providing the care and care of Mead Johnson-world-class nutrition experts for newborns.

  Mead Johnson milk powder introduction: The brain has hundreds of millions of neurons, and the communication between neurons-the development of neurological diseases in childhood is the fastest.

High levels of DHA can promote efficient connection and communication between brain cells, and efficient connection between brain cells can promote better learning and reconstruction.

The new An Erbao A +, An Er Jian A + and An Xue Jian A + refer to the relevant recommendations of the American Institute of Medical Research (IOM) to increase the DHA content to more than 4 times the original formula.

  High level of DHA → A + Choline recommended by Intellectual Nutrition → A + New Prebiotic Combination of Memory → A + Protective Power

Cardio-cerebrovascular patients should not eat more quail eggs

Cardio-cerebrovascular patients should not eat more quail eggs

According to nutritionists, quail eggs have the highest cholesterol content among various foods.

Quail eggs contain 3640 milligrams of cholesterol, while soy products, egg whites, and sea cucumber have zero cholesterol per hundred grams.

For other foods, milk is 13 mg, lean pork is 90 mg, and egg yolk is 1163 mg.

In other words, the cholesterol content of quail eggs is 280 times that of milk, 61 times that of lean pork, and 3 times that of egg yolk.

1 times.

  Elevated plasma in the body is the precursor of arteriosclerosis.

Therefore, the elderly, especially those with cerebrovascular disease, are better off eating quail eggs.

Peach tea removes stains and improves skin tone_1

Peach tea removes stains and improves skin tone

The poet Tang Cui of the Tang Dynasty had a poem “Peach Blossoms Contrast Red”, peach blossoms can really add beauty to people.

Here are some simple and practical peach blossom beauty recipes that are easy to operate.

  For peach blossom porridge, take 2 grams of peach blossom (dry product), 100 grams of rice and 30 grams of brown sugar.

Put the peach blossom in the casserole, soak it in water for 30 minutes, add the previous rice, wenhuo congee, add brown sugar when the porridge is ready, and mix well.

Take 1 dose daily and take it hot while breakfast. Every 5 doses is a course of treatment, and you can take the next course after 5 days.

Applicable to blood stasis (such as dark face, blood clots in menstruation, purple spots on the tongue, long-term dry stool).

This porridge has both a cosmetic effect and blood circulation.

However, this porridge should not be taken for a long time, and should be suspended during menstruation. Those with excessive menstruation should not take it.

The effect is better with fresh peach petals.

Fresh products are available daily at 4 grams.

  Peach Blossom Trotter Beauty Porridge Peach Blossom (Dried) 1 gram, 1 trotter, 100 grams of rice.

Bake peach blossoms and grind them for later use.

Separate the pork hoof from the bones, add water to the iron pot, boil on high heat, skim off the foam, and stew the bones until the trotters are cooked. Remove the bones, add rice and peach blossoms, and continue to simmer the porridge with gentle flames.Add the right amount of fine salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, spring onion, and ginger, mix well, take one dose every other day, and take it in warm portions.

This formula has the functions of activating blood and moisturizing, nourishing Qi and breasts, improving muscle beauty, resolving stasis and regenerating, and is suitable for breastfeeding women with pigmented spots on the face.

Taking this porridge postpartum can not only pass the milk, but also remove facial stains, and nourish the skin and nourish the body.

  Peach blossom whitening square peach blossom (dried product) 60g, winter melon kernels 75g, orange peel 45g, researched into very fine powder, put in a porcelain bottle, 1g each time, 2?
3 times, delivered with warm glutinous rice wine after meals.

This formula has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, removing spots and whitening, and moisturizing, and can be used for those with darker faces or chloasma.

  Taohua Wan takes the first peach blossom, dried and sifted, refining honey into pills, serving 6 grams each morning and evening.

This pill is always effective for those with liver stagnation and qi stagnation, blemishes due to impaired blood flow or seeing acne, acne, and butterfly spots; and for the treatment of dysmenorrhea and migraine in women.