How is the relationship in the second half of the year


How to find it!

Xiaomei flipped through the wardrobe hysterically, but when she found the newly purchased skirt, she found out that she rushed out of the room and found that the skirt was worn by her sister Damei.Xiaomei screamed, “Ah!

Even if I wear the skirt I bought, it is so ugly!

The skirts you think Damei wears are: 1, bright white skirt 2, light white skirt 3, red skirt 4, dark green skirt 5, light green skirt 6, blue black skirt 7, beige skirt 8, yellow skirt testResult: Choose 1 or 2: Do n’t talk about peach blossoms. Peach leaves should be chuckled. In the second half of the year, peach blossoms are so bad that if you have someone in the other half, you need to be more careful.

  Choice 3: Feeling stable, but it’s not so easy if you want to make outstanding new progress.

  Choose 4 or 5: The object you want will appear, but it can easily become “falling flowers intentionally, flowing water is ruthless”. With hard love in the future, be careful at the beginning!

  Choice 6: There may be a peach blossom, but you have no interest in him at all, but if you already have the other half, you should be careful about breaking up due to disputes.

  Choose 7 or 8: Peach Blossoms are very good, great luck, many people will fall in love with you in the second half of the year, and it will be troublesome to deal with them!