Medicinal Recipes

60 grams of black sesame seeds, 90 grams of honey, 120 grams of corn flour, 50 grams of white flour, 2 eggs, and 15 grams of baking powder.

First, stir-fry the black sesame powder, add corn flour, honey, flour, egg liquid, baking powder, add water and make dough, and heat and ferment at 35 ° C1.

After 2 hours, steam in the drawer for 20 minutes.

  This prescription has the effects of strengthening the stomach, protecting the liver, and promoting the growth of red blood cells.

According to the “Biography of the Immortals”: Although some women with the surname Lu in ancient times were over 80, they were still “very young, travelling three hundred miles a day, and walking with roe deer.”Consume pastries mainly with sesame.

Among the sesame seeds, black sesame seeds are preferred.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Serving black sesame for 100 days can eliminate all dysentery.

One year, she is not thirsty, her white hair returns to black, and her teeth fall even more in three years. ”

Vitamin E in black sesame occupies the first place in plant foods, and vitamin E can promote cell division and senescence of dividing cells. Commonly used, it can replace or neutralize the accumulation of “free radicals” in the senescent substances in cells, which can make it anti-agingAnd the role of longevity.

According to scientist experiments, the life span of experimental animals transformed with vitamin E has been extended by 15?

  Beauty Recipe Tomato Rose Drink Tomato peeled, washed with seeds, cucumbers, fresh roses in moderation.

Grind and crush it, add lemon juice, honey, daily daily.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, diabetes, glutathione, and vitamin C can promote skin metabolism and reduce the pigmentation of the skin, making the skin delicate and tender.