Open mouth yawning to drive away fatigue is really effective

If a person often sits for a few hours or even hours, this often makes them tired.

Clinical studies have found that if a person is in a state of fatigue for a long time, his circulatory system, digestive system, and motor system will be affected.

  Over time, the disease will not be recruited.

So, how can we achieve fatigue damage?

Therefore, experts teach us a set of song tips, as long as you often exercise according to the methods in the song tips, you can recover from fatigue in time.

This set of song tactics is: open your mouth wide when yawning, rub your middle finger when you are sleepy, do n’t forget to move forward for a long time, and go back a hundred steps to practice your back.

  First, open your mouth wide when yawning.

  The brain is the body’s most sensitive organ to fatigue.

When a person is tired, his brain is in a state of hypoxia.

At this time, the brain will give instructions to someone to yawn to recover more oxygen and relieve the brain’s hypoxia.

  Clinical studies have found that a person yawns and absorbs five times as much oxygen as a normal breath.

Therefore, when you feel tired, you should force yourself to yawn a few times, and every time you yawn, you must try to open your mouth wide so that you can absorb more oxygen.

  This will improve the brain’s hypoxia and reactivate brain cells.

In addition, if people can give their head a simple massage with their fingers after each yawn, the effect will be better.

  Second, rub your middle finger when you are sleepy.

  After working for a long time, it is easy to become sleepy.

At this time, they can knead the tip of the middle finger of both hands to drive away the drowsiness.

The fingertips of the middle fingers of a person’s hands are Zhongchong points on the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Chinese medicine believes that this point is severely sensitive to pain.

If people knead this point when they are drowsy, it can refresh the brain.

The specific operation method is as follows: first knead the Zhongchong acupoint of the right hand with the left hand for 1 minute, then knead the Zhongchong acupoint of the left hand with the right hand for 1 minute, and then compare the pain of the two hands.

  Which hand has the most obvious pain, then knead the Zhongchong point of that hand (the pain in the hand is obvious, indicating that the limbs on this side are more tired), until the pain in the hands occursYou can stop kneading.

  Third, do not forget to move Berlin for a long time.

  According to survey data, 70% of all patients with shoulder diseases such as periarthritis are office workers.

It can be seen that the shoulder is the part of the office family that should focus on exercise.

Here are two simple shoulder exercises: 1.

The operator takes the best position, puts his legs together, and fists in both hands.

Stretch the left and right flats into a fork shape.

Bend your fists into your wrists and bend them until you reach the end, inhale, hold for 10 seconds, then suddenly release your fists while exhaling.

Can be repeated 20 times.

By doing this method to exercise the shoulders of the rehabilitation people, the muscles of the wrists are relaxed, which has a good effect on relieving the pain of the muscles of the shoulders and wrists.


The operator takes the best position and separates his legs parallel to the shoulders.

Wrap the face 10 times forward with the shoulder as the starting point, and 10 times backward.

The amplitude of the vertical circle should be large, and the movement may be slow to fast. It can be spaced for several seconds each time the direction is changed to reduce the impact on the shoulder caused by the steering.

A pair of forward and backward turns of 10 turns each as a group, can do 3 consecutive?
5 groups.

Using this method of exercise can make people’s shoulder joints get sufficient movement, which has a good effect on correcting diseases such as periarthritis.
  Fourth, go back and practice a hundred steps.
  The waist is the most tiring part of the human body.

After a long period of sitting, symptoms of back pain often occur.

Experts tell us that the best way to relieve back pain is to walk backwards.

Clinical studies have found that an adult doing 100 steps backwards on the lower back is equivalent to doing an overall broadcast gymnastics.

  This is because walking backwards can mobilize some muscles that usually can’t get the waist back, which can improve blood circulation.

Office people can directly exercise backwards in the office. Each step is a group of 10 steps. After each group, the direction is reversed, and 10 groups can be walked.

It should be noted that people must pay attention to safety when doing backward walking exercises to avoid falls.